Astrological Predictions 2019

What's around the corner? Find out as Sharon Millstein and Julie Kelly offer their astrological prognostications for the coming year

By Virginia L. Clark
Posted 12/31/18

Wake up world! The new year is a numerological "3," and the focuses is on fun, love and art.

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Astrological Predictions 2019

What's around the corner? Find out as Sharon Millstein and Julie Kelly offer their astrological prognostications for the coming year


Wake up world! The new year is a numerological "3," and the focuses is on fun, love and art.

The numbers and stars say 2019 is all about people consciously choosing what they want to experience: joy, optimism and social connectivity no matter what their circumstances, or doom-and-gloom pessimism and depression. Our choice, so let's choose wisely.

To help us with our conscious intents, Tempo polled local stars-and-numbers talent to get a hint of what may be vying for our all-important, moment-to-moment focus during this new year.

The numerological outlook

Taos numerologist Sharon Millstein said the Universal Year number "3" for 2019 literally represents the "Power of Three" - the threefold nature of existence - as in mother, father, child; past, present, future; beginning, middle, end; and the threefold co-creative process of thought, word and deed.

So, paying attention to those thoughts and changing them to your liking is the way to proceed, especially in the enthusiastic energy of a "3" year.

"It's a very special year," Millstein said about this dynamic and sparkling energy. "It's unifying, like the unity of heaven and earth."

Relationships, partnerships and associations are highly favored and stimulated in "3" energy.

"We're hoping at a world level that other countries will be working together," Millstein said. "For example, Brexit working with other countries and bringing more economic benefit and harmony for the whole world." Brexit is the name coined for Great Britain's decision to remove itself from the European Union.

"Huge global accomplishments are part of the number "9" we see in 2019," she explained, "with previously unheard-of potentials revealed, meaning Taos and the world has a solid year to plan new business, other-worldly travel and communication"; literally meaning outer space, she implies.

"There's going to be more interest in Mars, trying to get people to schedule Mars trips," Millstein said. She also said she feels people will use the creativity of "3" to investigate UFOs, extraterrestrials, crop circles and the like, all to expand on the "truths" about humanity's origins, and expounding on human potential as being so much greater than previously understood.

"We're going to have even stranger phenomena with earth elements, like increased severe weather. Medicine and science treatments will be more like, say, vaccines for cancer, more of a genetic targeting of cancer, rather than chemotherapy and radiation - an increased focused-delivery-system that doesn't damage the body."

As we bridge 2018 to 2019, she recommends we focus on several key factors, including how we choose to communicate, how we use our creativity and how we express ourselves on every level of our lives.

2019 astrology of Taos

Taos astrologer Julie Kelly said one of the most important issues to deal with in 2019 is the transit of Saturn.

"Right now Saturn just moved into Taos', Taoseños' and Taos government's area of personal health, business relationships and the efficiency and organization of your business," Kelly writes in an emailed forecast specific to Taos.

"Saturn's job is to call attention to the things that are not working there. Concentrating on improving and upgrading these revealed blocks and problems will bring smoother sailing and better results in the future."

For the next two years, Kelly said Taos is on the cusp of a huge expansion, beginning in two years and lasting into the year 2035 or so.

"Making these upgrades will take patience, discipline, money, time and effort," she said, all qualities and traits associated with Saturnian influences. She noted, however, the effort "will be very worth it in the long run. The next few years are Taos' last opportunity to fine tune and prepare for a potential influx of growth and of opportunity to expand successfully over the next 15 years and that starts December of 2021."

Kelly pinpoints that the astrological areas of "love, fun and art" are where Taos' luckiest opportunities and most positive growth can be found. That's pretty perfect for an art and outdoors adventure town. Specifically, 2019 is a" great year for entertainment, parties, romantic love and artistic success for Taos residents and visitors."

"Taos can continue to expect stimulating conversations, budding friendships and interesting surprises from tourists and visitors from other towns in New Mexico," she said, but adds a cautionary note about money, agreements and sex.

"Financial issues continue to demand more attention to detail. In all investments, outside incomes, business contracts, agreements and /or sexual relationships, there can be hidden things," she warns, and advises investigating with care. "Ask more questions, get more detail before investing, agreeing or engaging. Learning the whole story first can save you from problems later."

"Last but not least," she said, "Pluto, the planet of depth and passion and change, is in the same area as the first planet, Saturn," so she advises Taoseños to bring "an intensity to health and business. Those areas, issues and relationships will not be casual," she stresses, "and are shifting and subject to big changes. Happy New Year, Taos!"

Julie Kelly is a western humanistic astrologer since 1961 focusing on soul evolution. She is also house astrologer for El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa in Taos. For more see juliekellyastrology.com, visit her at facebook@juliekellyastrology or call (575) 779-1228.

Sharon Millstein is an international known numerologist, psychic and radio personality, who has lived in Taos for 35 years. Her 2019 radio show is available at "Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks." Millsteing teaches classes on numerology and does readings. She can be reached at info@sharonmillstein.com. For more, see sharonmillstein.com, email info@sharonmillstein.com or call (575) 758-9665.

Readers should note that The Taos News and El Crepusculo, Inc. offers this for entertainment value and does not endorse or affirm this content.


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