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ApexNetwork PT sticks the landing in Taos

By Kathy DeLucas
For The Taos News
Posted 10/22/18

As a child, Julie Davis was injured in a horseback riding accident. Now, at 67 years old and living in Angel Fire, she has left hip pain from years of …

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Health & Fitness

ApexNetwork PT sticks the landing in Taos


As a child, Julie Davis was injured in a horseback riding accident. Now, at 67 years old and living in Angel Fire, she has left hip pain from years of overcompensating for the childhood injury.

Davis was the first patient at a new clinic in Taos called ApexNetwork Physical Therapy. She has discovered pain relief in both exercises and twice-a-week therapy from the clinic's director and physical therapist, Meghan MacArdy, who graduated from the University of St. Augustine, Florida, and has been practicing physical therapy since 2015.

William Breland, owner of the clinic, has been practicing physical therapy for nearly 44 years, most of it in private practice in Wichita Falls, Texas, before opening the clinic in Taos.

Breland has been visiting the Taos area since the 1970s to enjoy outdoor hobbies, such as fishing, hunting, skiing and golf. After selling his clinics in Texas and semi-retiring, he wanted to stay active in the PT field. He is board certified in sports physical therapy, one of fewer than 10 therapists who has continued to certify over the last four decades.

The new clinic opened shortly after Holy Cross Hospital closed two of their satellite PT offices for financial reasons, according to hospital CEO Bill Patten.

"In Angel Fire, we had the physical therapist resign and move away," Patten said. "When we looked at the cost to recruit another one and balanced that against the volumes we were seeing, the clinic was no longer financially viable," he said.

The clinic on the north side of town was initially created, years ago, with the mindset that patients on the north side would visit and overall volumes would grow.

"But what we found was it just split the volume," he explains. "So in an effort to reduce the costs of the rent we were paying, we brought the staff back to the main location."

ApexNetwork employees hope to augment the existing services in the Taos area.

"For a town this small, the need for services is exceptionally high," Breland says. "Taos is really blessed from the physical therapy standpoint with some very good therapists and an unbelievably good orthopedic group for a town this size. The overall medical community here is exceptional, period."

The new clinic offers all forms of PT.

"We do athletes. We do general post-op treatments, like hip and knee replacements, and shoulder surgery. We do manual therapy work and have the equipment for sports rehab," MacArdy says.

"We both have a very strong athletic background," Breland says. "Meghan is an ultra-marathoner and a former soccer player and hockey player. We certainly have an athletic mentality, but we don't just treat athletes. We take that and apply it to the orthopedic community."

MacArdy says the one thing they hope that sets them apart is to get patients evaluated within a day or two after contacting the office. Before the clinic opened, patient wait times have been as high as seven or eight weeks to see a therapist.

"When you wait that long," MacArdy says, "either you've gotten much, much worse or weaker, so that's the big thing we're making a point of doing. We're going to help grow physical therapy services in the community, and we look forward to being a part of a quality group of providers that are already in town and that clients can schedule services with less wait time."

ApexNetwork is a group of professionals that started practices in Illinois and has grown through the years into a company that has more than 70 locations, according to Breland.


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