Taos Bark

Alternate shelter help available from various organizations around Taos


Here are answers to questions I have been asked regarding Strays Hearts' current situation, which is on the mend with a great new board president.

You can contact the following organizations for help and questions. Of course, I am always available.

This is a keeper, so cut it out and use it for yourself and friends. Remember we will always take your puppies and give them safe and good homes. No more Walmart!

Four Corners Animal League: Pennie Wardlow, director.

Phone: (575) 751-0150, spay/neuter; (575) 741-1444, animal emergencies

Email: fcaleague@hotmail.comfourcornersanimalleague.org

Four Corners Animal League is a nonprofit animal organization. The organization spays, neuters, educates, socializes, feeds, provides medical treatment, transfers and finds acceptable homes for animals it finds and fosters. Four Corners Animal League works to ensure that every pet has a safe and loving home. It is reducing the population of unwanted dogs and cats through spaying, neutering and education programs, making this a safer community for all of us. Pet overpopulation is a staggering problem here in Taos and costs many animals their lives. The organization will transfer puppies to Colorado.

Planned Pethood Taos: Phone: (575) 613-4110

plannedpethoodtaos.orgFacebook: Planned Pethood Taos

The nonprofit organization's goal is to reduce the overpopulation and suffering of cats and dogs by helping provide free and low-cost spay-neuter services and information for Taos County.

Planned Pethood Taos periodically hosts spay-neuter clinics in the Taos area that are open to all residents of Taos County. Furthermore, the organization provides spay-neuter information and referrals to those seeking low-cost or no-cost spay-neuter for their animals.

The organization has also arranged for Taos County residents to take their pets to Santa Fe and Española for no-cost spaying and neutering. Call for more information.

Northern New Mexico Friends of Animals

Northern NMFOA helps abandoned and neglected animals mainly in the northern part of Taos County. It accepts puppies for transfer to Colorado and sponsors local shot and microchip clinics. For more information, contact Jim Vaughn at (575) 779-5543, Gail Cisneros at (575) 586-0010 or Holly Howard at (575) 586-0784. If you live in the Questa general area and have questions and information regarding rescue, veterinary help, puppies and spaying or neutering, call for more information.

Taos Feral Feline Friends: Phone: (575) 737-9208, taosferalfelinefriends.tripod.com

The 501(c)(3) charitable association promotes animal welfare throughout Northern New Mexico. TFFF is the No. 1 provider of spaying or neutering cats in Taos County. The organization says it has helped more than 1,500 cats get adopted since it started.

It is an all-volunteer-operated organization. No employees or contractors have ever been paid.

Zimmer Feline Foundation: Phone: (505) 466-1676, Zimmer-Foundation.org

Vouchers provide a free and convenient way for many low‐income individuals and households to fix their pet cats. The vouchers cover the complete cost to spay or neuter their cats and vaccinate them for rabies at any participating veterinary or spay-neuter clinics.

Zimmer Feline Foundation provides veterinary support for pet cats living in low‐income homes by providing them with free and local spay or neuter assistance through participating veterinary clinics and -- in the event of a treatable medical emergency -- with acute care assistance. By helping these cats keep their original homes, we reduce the number of orphaned cats and kittens that are given to shelters or abandoned outdoors to form or join feral cat colonies.

Through the Acute Veterinary Care Assistance Program, your cat may receive up to $300 of veterinary assistance to treat an acute illness or injury (such as broken bones, bite wounds and infections). This is intended as a last resort for cats who need immediate veterinary attention and whose households cannot afford the cost.

Colorado Puppy Rescue: Kim Fallert

Phone: (303) 807-9318, info@coloradopuppy.org

Do you have puppies or is your dog ready to give birth? You can now directly arrange for your puppies to be picked up and taken to Colorado into foster homes. CPR has rescued thousands of puppies and worked directly with Stray Hearts Animal Shelter, as well as local rescue groups. The organization is a no-kill rescue dedicated to saving young puppies. CPR travels to New Mexico on a regular basis picking up puppies.

Contact Hernandez at taosbark@gmail.com or (575) 613-3448.