All in jest

Who should be voted off the ‘island’ we call Taos?


This year, we decided to hold our own version of "Survivor" and see who Taoseños thought should be sent packing.

Topping out in first place was Jeff Northrup, a passionately opinionated gentleman who is known for putting up neon-colored signs along Paseo del Pueblo Sur replete with his strong political views. His signs have engendered admiration and anger.

In a dead heat for second place were Taos town manager Rick Bellis, town councilwoman Judy Cantu and President Donald “#Twitterking” Trump.

Other readers had some fun suggestions for who else should be voted off the “Taos island.”

One wrote in, “Tourists who drive worse than we do.” A couple suggested “billionaires.” “Those who expect Taos to be like the place they left,” wrote in one person. And at least two readers wanted to vote off “whomever thought of this lame question.” (We’ll never give him up.)

A few suggested voting out the CAVE people, or Citizens Against Virtually Everything — an affectionate name for those residents who seem to vote against every suggested commercial development. Another reader wanted to vote “all mean Liberals” off the Taos island.

In a few past issues, this question has been posed in some way, shape or form and is all in jest. It should not be taken seriously or literally.

That being said, a few readers were offended by our question, finding it very un-Taos like. “Everyone should be welcomed,” wrote one. “This is too mean to answer,” wrote another.

Several others said no one should be voted off. “One of the best things about Taos is the respect we have for diversity and individual beliefs,” wrote in one voter.

No one, we’re the metaphysical Island of Mis-fit Toys,” wrote another.


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