AG warns of scams sweeping New Mexico


Scams pop up from time to time, and the New Mexico Attorney General is warning residents of the Land of Enchantment of at least three scams that are making their way around the state and country.

First, Attorney General Hector Balderas is joining forces with other U.S. states and territories to help folks "spot and avoid fundraising solicitations that falsely promise their donations will help veterans and service members."

The education campaign is called "Operation Donate with Honor." It advises people to ask for the charity's name, website and physical location; ask how much of any donation will go to the charitable program you want to support; search the charity's name online with the word "scam" or "complaint" to see what other people say about it; never pay with cash, a gift card or by wiring money.

Visit to check if a charity is registered with the New Mexico Attorney General's Office.

Another scam cropping up in New Mexico appears to impersonate the state government. Tipsters reported that they received calls from a (505) area code, a common Santa Fe prefix, and "New Mexico State Government" on the caller ID.

When they answered the call, they received instructions to call a toll-free number, 1-800-847-2911. When tipsters called that number, they were connected to a purported "debt relief" company, "Credit Financial Solutions," claiming to be in Orlando, Florida, and offering to reduce consumer credit card interest rates and payments.

"If you receive a scam robo-call, Balderas also encourages you to register with the Federal Trade Commission's national Do Not Call Registry," read a release from the office.

In still another scam, a fraudulent banking website created by scammers displayed an alert that read "Security Alert: Suspicious Login Noticed." The scammers attached a link near that alert, and consumers were asked to enter their bank information, passwords, debit card numbers and personal identification numbers on the new link.