In the Rearview

A serious car accident, a cocaine tragedy and a grade school's CD release


- 50 years ago - 'Car flips, driver escapes', Nov. 16, 1967

On Thursday, Nov. 9, 1967, Doris Gina Kelly from Questa survived very serious injuries on a Saturday afternoon, when she lost control of her car and it flipped over multiple times along the highway, 6 miles north of Questa. State police investigator Fred Encinias said that she was thrown from the car and received multiple cuts on top of her head. She was immediately taken to Holy Cross Hospital, where she was treated and later released. Charges were pending further investigation.

- 25 years ago - 'Mysterious death case', Nov. 19, 1992

On Thursday, Nov. 19, 1992, Kathy Henderson was found dead in her home, with her son locked in the bathroom. The death was most likely the cause of an accidental drug overdose of cocaine. When they found Henderson, they also found her young son, who was immediately hospitalized and rehydrated, and then returned to the father, Steve Peterkin. The son did have traces of cocaine in his system, however they believe that is because they found food wrappers all around the unconscious body and assumed that he was looking for something to eat, then accidentally may have ingested cocaine, according to investigator Charlie Gonzales.

- 10 years ago - 'School celebrates CD release'

On Thursday, Nov.15, 2007, a grade school had just finished recording their first CD, "We're Gonna Hop: Dancing and Nap Time Music." To celebrate, their teacher, Michelle McIntosh threw a party to celebrate, inviting the entire Taos Community. The party was nothing short of fantastic, as they had a clown, face painting, balloons, and of course, cupcakes. After everyone ate, McIntosh persuaded her kids to do a sing-along to the CD.