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A new year of meaning and purpose


My New Year’s wish for you and intention for our world is that 2018 will bring a significant increase of the manifestation of meaning and purpose in accordance with truth, beauty and goodness for all humanity. May all of your life and work be managed with the magic of your unique contributions of service to every person you interact with in 2018. Enjoy all.

Here are 12 article titles from 2017 and a few thoughts to ponder as you choose potential meaning and purpose intentions for your New Year:

Being Present: Give others your attention through listening and sharing feedback, ideas and insights. Be authentic with all you share. Everyone, friends and enemies, is our teacher. Come to all opportunities with the intention of participating fully.

Creating Connections: In the actions of creating, we are being specific and intentional. When we create a connection, we establish a relationship. To build a relationship of meaning and purpose is golden.

Earth 911: Ring, Ring. This is a reminder. Our environment, our home, Mother Earth, needs our care, love and attention.

In the Zone and Intuition: You know those times when “the flow” is happening, and it can happen when we least expect it? We can use and create those times and be intuitive at will.

Now is the Time: Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet, so now is when we can start doing what we need to do. Go for it! Do today, now, that which you have been considering.

Renewable Energy: Give thanks to Renewable Taos. They are doing great things for our community and world. Plus, remember your own internal renewable energy, the stuff and spirit that makes all life possible.

Using Will Power: (Notice how many of these items are connecting.) Get in touch with your power of will. It’s that spark of internal energy that is in our heart and mind. Energy follows thought.

Working as a Team: To work as a team (even a team of two), is very difficult! Few people and organizations know how or are willing to build a team. It starts with sharing time and tasks. It continues with thinking, planning, working and pondering (before and after the work) together. Teamwork creates miracles.

Magic of Care: Care is a part of working and living life as a team. Care, love and support are about serving others. Care, love and support is a powerful magic triangle.

Truth and Trust: These two elements and dynamic energies are the foundation for all of the areas above and below.

Creating Structure, Flexibility and Boundaries: The key to establishing structure, flexibility and boundaries is our values. Identify them. Write them down. Get to know them intimately and share them. Most of all, live them.

Serving Customers: When you include internal and external customers, this ultimately (potentially) means everyone in the world. Serving others is what life and work is all about.

Happy New Year to each of you. I am very thankful for our readership-relationship connection.

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