Opinion: 5G needs more research to prove safety

By Falcon Britt, Taos County
Posted 6/6/19

I am a retired high school English teacher who fled to Taos to escape the electromagnetic (EMF) bombardment around Seattle - and have since met another here who fled EMF. As Taos now discusses …

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Opinion: 5G needs more research to prove safety


I am a retired high school English teacher who fled to Taos to escape the electromagnetic (EMF) bombardment around Seattle - and have since met another here who fled EMF. As Taos now discusses possible implementation of 5G, please allow me to relate my experience of what too much EMF does to the body.

Extreme fatigue, body aches like a perpetual flu, memory issues, brain fog, digestive problems, sleep disruption, ringing in the ears, endocrine disruption, nervousness, irritability, difficulty learning and concentrating and depression made life a continual struggle. These symptoms worsened as the months and years passed. I also developed a parathyroid adenoma, but its removal didn't help much. My beloved cat also grew exceedingly stressed and withdrawn and developed a painful health condition we treated for over a year without success - he finally had to be put down as an act of mercy because he couldn't get well and wouldn't survive the trip to Taos.

Doctors and specialists identified through testing me that several body systems weren't functioning well, but their medicines didn't help because they couldn't identify the root of the issues. They didn't test for radiation effects because I didn't work with X-rays or with airport scanners. When a friend sent me an article listing issues caused by EMF overexposure, however, I found all my symptoms on it. I checked Antennasearch.com and found 147 antenna and 20 towers broadcasting within two miles of my home.

Research findings on PubMed, justproveit.net and many other websites indicated living there would not just continue my physical, mental and emotional deterioration but increase the odds of diabetes, strokes, cancers, heart attacks, Alzheimer's, autoimmune disorders, eye damage, bacterial infections and even ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). There would be more mitochondrial and DNA breakage, damage to the blood-brain barrier, melatonin reduction, brain glucose metabolism issues, disruption of cell metabolism, more "stress proteins" and oxidative damage. Had I been younger, I would have worried about infertility, another result showing up in research. Worst to me, however, were the documented effects of EMF on children. The young are far more susceptible to EMF harm.

Research also indicated my health would not be able to recover until my cells could again effectively communicate; and for that they needed earth's natural frequency range of 7.86 hertz (about 8 cycles per second) because all life on earth is adapted to living within that range. Like a heavy metal concert that's far too loud, the multiple sources of EMF were creating a cacophony blaring in megahertz (millions of cycles per second). My cells' electromagnetic signaling couldn't be heard as they "called out" for water, glucose, salt and nutrients to maintain health. When millions of cells cannot get what they need, organs and glands begin to malfunction; diseases develop. The blood-brain barrier starts to break down; minds stop working well and emotions become unstable. Fatigue ensues as mitochondria breaks and increasingly cannot be repaired.

So I fled to our dear Taos, where I fell in love with the people and the land. I have found so much depth and insight in the cultures and spiritual practices of the people here. I truly believe the people of Taos County hold deep wisdom. We appreciate the land and care about each other.

Now corporations come with a profit motive, wanting to establish antenna every 300 feet, emit multiple millimeter waves in gigahertz (billions of cycles per second) throughout the county. Telecommunications leaders admitted in Congressional hearings they have done zero research on safety. Why?

Research to date indicates the damage to plants, trees, bees, animals, children and adults will predictably be serious. For anyone with a health condition, for the elderly, for children and animals, the harm can reasonably be expected to be even more rapid and severe. Deployment of 5G must be halted until more research is done to prove its safety.

As of June 3, some 96,546 people - many doctors and scientists, listing their credentials - and organizations in 187 countries have signed an international appeal for a moratorium on 5G (on earth and in space) until it is proven safe. Several countries have cited concerns with 5G technology due to concerns over potential health risks.

Are the people of this region as wise as I believe? I pray so, for us all.

Falcon Britt lives in Taos County.


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