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5 reasons to replace your front door in 2019


Your entry door is like the window to your house's soul. This is the impression that your home gives off to others as they drive or walk by. The condition and style of the front door is a big clue in what the inside of the house is like. Upgrading your door can make a huge impact in several ways. The experts at Taos Door & Hardware Company have some insights on why you should consider a new entry door.

1 Stunning beauty is the primary reason the people of Taos replace their front door or entryway, says Taos Door & Hardware Company’s Peter Barlow, founder and designer of their all-custom wood doors, all locally fabricated, finished and installed. A total makeover primarily accomplished by artisanal hand-planing rather than machine-sanding, Peter and Gayle Barlow and apprentice Phil Kearney create any door a client wants. Held together in mortise and tenon construction, sometimes door panels incorporate hammered-out copper with hand-planing underneath and a patina finish added later.

2 Security, the second-most frequent reason for a new door or entryway in Taos. At a minimum of 1 3/4 inches thick and often up to 3 inches thick, Barlow’s wood doors made from Doug fir, mahogany and walnut are solid deterrents, with hand-forged ‘clavos’ (nails) securing metal hinges that typically weigh anywhere from 2 to 3 pounds on up to 10 pounds each, forged in the company’s Ranchos de Taos hand-forge metal shop. Hatchets are sometimes used to texturize the hinges and metal-covered panels. All outdoor gates have weather-repellant copper tops.

3 Energy efficiency is right up there with security and beautification as a reason for replacing a door. Customers save on heating costs because the wood and any thermal-pane glass used offers complete thermal resistance. When Taos Door & Hardware Company installs a door it’s air tight – as tight as the seal on a refrigerator – in the winter keeping cold air out and warm air in; in summer keeping cool air in and hot air out. Favorites for Taos are custom-fitted storm doors, outfitted with thermal-paned glass, and screened inserts for summer.

4 Increased home value is a direct result of gaining more curb appeal, and for some folks this reason is the most important. A 2015 study of 2,400 online customers reported as much as a 4.2 percent, or up to $18,750 perceived added-value to a home price with door or entryway replacement. (admoyer.com/blog/5-reasons-why-replacing-your-old-entry-door-makes-perfect-sense).

5 Sustainability is key for many Taos folks aiming to reduce theirs and their businesses’ carbon footprint. Taos Door & Hardware Company is a fully sustainable business which no longer uses rainforest woods. Because no American wood is endangered, as are some European woods, there is less transport and shipping costs. The shop is now solar heated, further reducing their carbon footprint.


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