2018 predictions for the ‘universal 11’ New Year and Taos


Happy New Year! If we thought last year’s race for “power, truth and meaning” was over the top, 2018 is double all that: an 11 year and a master number with an irresistible urgency to act — especially from a numerological perspective.

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That said, 2017’s number 1 was a pushy, creative energy of uncharted territory — “new ideas, new beginnings and new plans” that Taos numerologist Sharon Millstein said would not be denied. This year’s 2018 is a double 1, doubling the pushy, creative urgency of 2017.

“The #metoo [campaign] is a perfect example of the uncharted territory of a 1 year,” Millstein explained. She is referring to last year’s unprecedented sexual assault and harassment guilty-verdicts-in-the-court-of-public-opinion of formerly untouchable power brokers and celebrities, including the U.S. president. (The #metoo movement emerged on social media as a way for women to reveal how widespread such encounters were in the workplace and to show solidarity with those women who reported their experiences with prominent figures.)

“It’s like a tsunami,” Millstein said. “This is the power of the people like we haven’t seen,”she said. She compared the impact of the #metoo movement to the 1991 sexual harassment charges levied against now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by Anita Hill that did nothing to deflect Thomas’ Supreme Court confirmation. But that was the 1990s. The #metoo movement as well as the formation of Black Lives Matter to combat excessive violence by police against African Americans exemplify 2017’s number 1 year fallout; now a double 1 year follows.

The last time we had an 11 was 2009, and the year before that was 1910 — so experiencing two Universal year 11 vibrations in one lifetime is huge for the whole planet.

“An 11 year is truth, digging past the surface to uncover the whys and wherefores of the universe,” Millstein said, “with messages from ‘above,’ from God, but also has to do with the potential of Man, going within in a special way.” She noted,too, the intense, high vibrational frequency of master numbers 11 and 22, which work within spiritual, magical and transcendental realms of creativity.

She had a “vision” of 2018, which was essentially a huge crater — she couldn’t tell if it was a meteorite that had hit of the earth or a bomb crater, just that it was a huge earth “work,” some kind of “unearthing,” perhaps secrets or patterns during 2018.

Taos 2018 stars

In western astrology, Taos astrologer Julie Kelly notes that the birthdate “is very specific in showing you what you really need to do to grow and be fulfilled and successful in this life. These qualities and experiences are defined by the area and sign of your North Node on your birth date.”

Using the May 7, 1934 birthdate for Taos, Kelly said Taos has its North Node in the seventh house of working with and for others in the notorious sign of being different, Aquarius. That means “only by capitalizing on its uniqueness, and by making its intention to support, please or fulfill the needs and desires of others, can Taos ever be truly successful,” Kelly said.

Kelly said the best thing the town can do is offer visitors opportunities “to experience a different era, lifestyle, culture, food, dress, art, architecture or something not experienced in their everyday life.”

For 2018, Kelly said Jupiter’s transit of Taos’ fourth house represents luck and positive growth in Taos “real estate, land and property, homes, family, women, parents, food, emotional intimacy (sharing feelings in a safe surrounding), intuition, emotions, gut responses and moods, and any person, group or business that nurtures, represents or works with them.”

From April 1-21, Venus is in the 10th house, which is lucky for business owners, managers, bosses and corporate business groups. Kelly says it’s constructive “for expanding the reach of the business, [creating] positive visibility in career areas. Promoting your business in a bigger venue can be successful now.”

July 17-Aug. 11, Venus moves through the second house of resources, which Kelly notes is “lucky for office expenses, equipment and finances in general for all businesses,” with harmonious financial potentials from work and business.

On April 11, Mars, the planet of new beginnings and increased activity, moves into Taos’ sixth house of health and service-oriented businesses. “New doors can open, new directions can begin, and new ideas and new people can appear,” Kelly says, adding more newness urgency to the double 1s of 2018.

“But Mars will be going backwards through this area from June 26 to Aug. 28,” she cautions. “Mars in house six can show ways to be more efficient at handling increased business activity and dealing with all types of clientele.”

All Mars retrogrades are challenging, she said, restricting the natural movement of 91 percent of the population. “[They] may feel blocked, angry and frustrated. But if truth and success are important to you, this review will show Taos businesses and employees what they missed and need to see and upgrade, to achieve more business efficiency and better business relationships.”

Saturn, representing life lessons, wisdom, karma and responsibility, is moving through practical, reliable Capricorn until 2020. “That shows us where only hard work and patient, realistic behavior will be effective,” Kelly says, “and which type of problems will manifest to demand correction.”

“Saturn also represents business in general: corporations, management, bosses and any ownership or career responsibility, as well as Taos’ business image in the eyes of the world.

“Since October of 2016 this planet has been in Taos’ area of ‘The Arts,’ all the arts. This area represents love in all its forms, from love of baseball to romantic love; all children, and the ability to be childlike and just have fun, to party; and to have a creative outlet; and any businesses and people related to these areas. This area represents how Taos fulfills its desire for recognition, love and attention as well as Taos’ generosity toward others.”

Saturn here is forcing Taos to take another look at all these issues, Kelly says, to face and improve its shortcomings no matter how much it costs. Time, effort and attention to truth and reality are demanded. This transit represents a time when Taos needs to see that the old habits of the last 10 years, “especially conservative, conforming patterns, expectations and behaviors here aren’t working any longer. Taos needs to reflect and adapt to the new era we are in now and yet always offer something not usually experienced by the norm.

“This is a major re-evaluation for Taos, as so much of it’s income depends on the arts, fun and entertainment. This cycle will be challenging and costly, and last through 2018,” Kelly said. “Changes and upgrades made here can last constructively for a long time.”

Julie Kelly is a Western humanistic astrologer focusing on soul evolution for 56 years, and the house astrologer for El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa in Taos. Besides an LA Weekly column for many years, she has lectured and lived in Los Angeles, Calif.; Maui, Hawaii; Austin, Texas; Santa Fe and Taos. For more see juliekellyastrology.com, facebook@juliekellyastrology or call (575) 737-9880.

Sharon Millstein is an international numerologist, radio personality and consultant of 44 years living in Taos. Her 2018 radio predictions aired Dec. 20, 2017 at higherjourneys.com/sharon-millstein-2018-look-ahead-behind. For more, see sharonmillstein.com, email info@sharonmillstein.com or call (575) 758-9665.