Locals react to Taos Ski Valley season pass announcement

Skiers and riders board lift 1 at the Taos Ski Valley in 2019.

As Taos Ski Valley announced their plans for season passes this morning, locals were quick to react to the news, both positively and negatively.

Various comments below (compiled from Facebook and Instagram):

Vicente Fernandez
"stop complaining. At least they are opening and will have a season. Everyone can still get a lot of days on the slopes. just need to be a lil more methodical about when yo go. Maybe this year buying a unlimited season pass isn’t the best choice for you so consider a weekday pass. Much cheaper!
As you can tell this year is not like last year. New challenges = new changes!"
Martha Romero
"TSV should be shut down like everything else ... and locals should get lower priced tickets.. after all its our mountain. our community.. they bring in all these outsiders putting our health in danger"
Alex Doherty:
"The 4th floor really dropped the ball on this one and just sucker punched every local in the gut on your pass plan. The locals are the only ones who can properly ski that mountain and appreciate the mountain for what it is. Get ready for a La Nina year with no snow and no local love up there."
Ryan Mayer
"Thank you for finding a way to open. I know this is a challenge and that the alternative to this is that you could have not opened. It is such a blessing and privilege to even have a chance to ski! Thank you! I hope I get the chance to make some turns this year!"
Lisa Davis
"Obviously the high prices are intended to alienate as many as possible to keep the mountain clear of as many skiers as possible. So, mission accomplished on that. First time we won't be buying a season pass in over 15 years. Just can't afford over $3k for 2 passes...not this year. And, frankly TSV...the $50 off is pretty offensive. Insult to injury."

Serena Brown
"So so disappointing!! So kids who go to school are just screwed this season unless stinking rich. Way to support your future skiers TSV And way to support your very own community at a time when we all desperately need a little recreation, especially the kids. We’ve been watching you push out the locals for a couple of years now so I guess im not surprised. I’ve patronized TSV by buying my family passes for the last 13 years and I feel like ive been stepped on. Booo"
Jeannie Ross
"My family is going to have to sit this year out and i am so sad. I have 2 kids and can't afford $2,600 for their passes."

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Blame it on the Governor. She obviously does not care that skiing is a necessity for good physical and mental health and happiness, nor does she care about the economic impact of her bad ideas and autocratic behavior.

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