George Teague, famously remembered for a couple of iconic events while playing football in the NCAA and NFL returns to Taos for a third consecutive visit July 19-21.

Teague played defensive back, or more specifically, free safety for the Alabama Crimson Tide in college and went on to play in the National Football League. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1993 and played there for three seasons. He was traded to the Dallas Cowboys in 1996 and forwarded a year later to the Miami Dolphins. In 1998, he was traded back to the Cowboys where he finished his career in professional football. He retired after the 2001 season.

One of his famous moments came late in his career (as a Dallas Cowboy) when he hit Terrell Owens, a brash San Francisco 49er wide receiver who was celebrating needlessly after a touchdown atop the star logo on the mid-field line inside Texas Stadium during a game in 2000. Known as the “play on the star,” Teague was thenceforth recognized as the “defender of the star” for protecting the dignity of the Dallas Cowboy logo, and by extension, the organization itself against Owens' mockery.

He's also famously known for a play known as “the strip” which occurred during the 1993 Sugar Bowl against the heavily favored University of Miami Hurricanes. As a defensive player for Alabama, Teague was credited for preventing a touchdown by running down and wrestling the football away from Miami wide receiver, Lamar Thomas as he made his way to the end zone, destroying any comeback chances for the Hurricanes and securing a national title win for Alabama.

Currently, Teague travels to several schools throughout the country to talk to athletes and share his unique story with audiences of all ages. A coach himself, he stresses the values of protecting and serving others and utilizing the inherent strengths that athletes possess. His visit will include a motivational speech for the young women in the various Lady Tigers sports.

Next, Teague is slated to accompany the football team as they travel to Santa Fe to play in a seven-on-seven exhibition game against the St. Mike's Horsemen July 20. He'll then hold his football camp for Taos, July 21, and address the current roster of young men at its conclusion. In the world of young men and football, his actions set the table for a frank discussion about sports and life.

The timing of Teague's visit is key as summer workouts wind down for the gridiron giants and the Tigers prepare for the start of the 2018 fall season. The first game of the season is a little more than one month away. The season opener is an away game scheduled against St. Mike's, Aug. 25.

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