The road has not been smooth for the Taos Tigers, but they've faced every game and every obstacle head on. And every proud step along the way led them to the lights and gridiron of Los Alamos on Friday (Mar. 26), where the Tigers delivered a crushing defeat to the Hilltoppers, 42-0.

The Tigers came to win, and they didn't waste any time getting to it. THS scored 14 in the first quarter thanks to two rushing touchdowns, including a bruising goal-line run.

By the second quarter, it was time for Tigers' QB Daemon Elys (#10) to get into his rhythm. And the best way to do that? Elys connected with Missael Hermosillo 34 yards downfield for the team's first passing TD of the game. But Elys wasn't finished with Hermosillo yet. The pair followed up the TD with a successful two-point conversion, bringing the score to 22-0 with 6 minutes left in the half.

Always one to spread the wealth, Elys found receiver Simon Torrez (#5) on the next possession for another long (26 yards) TD for the Tigers. And, of course, Hermosillo came in to kick the PAT. Heading into halftime, the Tigers lead 29-0.

The Hilltoppers took the second-half kickoff, but were immediately intercepted by Torrez.

With 6 minutes left to go in the third quarter, Hermosillo took over, with his legs this time. The team's superstar chameleon crossed into the endzone for a bruising 17-yard TD run. Then he followed it up by kicking his own PAT.

The Tigers finished off their scoring with 3 minutes left in the third quarter after a 5-yard rushing touchdown brought the score to 42-0.

After a tireless week of practice and correction, the Tigers brought an absolute win to the home of the Hilltoppers, establishing their mark, claiming victory and never settling.

It has been a crazy season for all New Mexico teams, with every move uncertain. Yet the players fight to play another day, continuously breaking boundaries and exceeding all expectations.

From the starting moments to the near-certain final victory, the Tigers executed like champions on every play. THS leapt to their victory and demonstrated that the reign of the Tigers is here to stay.

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