At left, Senior Devin Archuleta gets congrats from Taos Tigers' teammate at Senior Night on April 26.

Lily Sanborn/Taos News

As the 2021 basketball season comes to a close, so does the last year for our seniors. In their final home game of this unusual and unpredictable season, the town honored all the teams' hard work and achievements throughout their high school careers. A night of cheers and chants greeted the team as they took to the court. The final result was a crushing victory over the Los Alamos Hilltoppers. In a game filled with buzzer beaters, long-distance shooting, staggering defense and detailed plays, the Tigers showed themselves to be the resilient winners they are.

For the seniors, every moment was savored. COVID added a special meaning to the night as the Tigers ran onto the floor for their final home game. With a delayed season and strict precautions put in place, they weren't sure they would even make it back on the court again for their fading senior year.

According to the team, that was when they decided to rely on faith.

For their last game against the Hilltoppers, they did not hold back. Effective three-point shooting and enthusiastic defense were the keys that brought the team one last victory.

For senior player Devin Archuleta, this was his first and last season as a Taos Tiger. From sinking crowd-roaring shots to running the court in his lime green tennis shoes, this season has been an incredible one. "I want to thank everyone who accepted me with open arms," said the Senior star.

With the end of the season near and graduation ahead, every player found themselves looking back on the year, reminiscing about all the good times and all the love they shared. As the next class of leaders moves into place, the Seniors are sure to be remembered.

"They have impacted my life big time," said Junior Anthony Padilla. "I love them till the end."

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