Courtesy New Mexico Department of Game & Fish

Jesus Chacon, 11, of Las Cruces, caught a 22-inch, 9-pound catfish using nightcrawler worms Aug. 14 at Alumni Pond.

Catch of the Week

Alumni Pond: Jesus Chacon, age 11, of Las Cruces, caught a 22-inch, 9-pound catfish using nightcrawler worms Aug. 14. Brennan Orr, age 8, of Fredericksburg, Va., caught a 28.5-inch, 8.13-pound catfish using nightcrawler worms Aug. 13.

Bluewater Lake: Eric Baros of Los Lunas, caught a 40-inch tiger muskie using a silver spoon Aug. 14.

Cochiti Lake: Stacie Barreras Mohler of Albuquerque, caught a 24-inch, 4-pound walleye using a dark-colored deep-diving crankbait Aug. 14.

Eagle Nest Lake: Adrian Garcia of Rio Rancho, caught a 20-inch rainbow trout using a Panther Martin spinner Aug. 11.

Elephant Butte Lake: Jay Lopez, age 13, of Albuquerque, caught a 2-pound largemouth bass using a curly tail grub Aug. 16.

El Vado Lake: Estrella Garcia, age 7, of Mora, caught a 19.5-inch, 4.5-pound smallmouth bass using a crawdad pattern crankbait July 30.

Greene Acres Lake: Maya Segovia and Chuck Youngquist caught an albino catfish using a red hotdog Aug. 5.

Navajo Lake: Lisa Douglas of Albuquerque, caught a 15-inch kokanee salmon trolling an orange squid and dodger Aug. 14. Curtis Winner of Tome caught a 4.6-pound largemouth bass using a plastic crawdad lure Aug. 14. Suzie Rhodes of Bayfield, Colo., caught an 18-inch kokanee salmon trolling a pink spinner and dodger Aug. 11.

Rio Grande: Diego Baca of Santa Fe, caught and released an 18-inch brown trout using a nightcrawler worm Aug. 8.

Tingley Beach: Levi Weiss, age 9, of Albuquerque, caught an albino catfish and a 2.5-pound catfish using worms Aug. 15.

If you have a catch of the week story or just want to tell us about your latest New Mexico fishing experience, send it to us at funfishingnm@gmail.com. We may include your story in our next report.

For catches of the week, include name, age, hometown, date, location, type of fish, length, and weight if possible and bait, lure or fly used.

COVID-19 advisory

As COVID-19 continues to force all of us to make changes to our daily schedule, the Department would like to remind you that together we can make a difference. To help minimize the spread of the virus:

Practice social distancing

Wash your hands regularly

Avoid non-essential travel

Wear a face covering

Avoiding interacting with large groups

- Report courtesy New Mexico Department of Game & Fish

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