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Taos News Delivers Results.
The Taos News is locally owned and operated. We’re part of this community and we believe in Taos. News, information and advertising are vital services for the growth and future of the region. Year after year, we reinvest in the paper, digital reporting and magazines.
Already an award-winning weekly, we’ve invested in extensive staff training, a review of our content and a redesign of both print and digital formats to make our paper better and more relevant. Our aim is to grow readership and get your customers to spend even more time reading and enjoying our engaging news reporting and feature writing in print and online.
If You Live Here, You Get It.
Advertising with the Taos News shows you, too, are part of the community and that your business is committed to Taos. Our quality products and content bring credibility to your brand. People feel they can count on businesses who advertise.
Our combined print and web audience is now larger than ever. And we plan to keep growing and to keep helping local business grow here, too.
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