Taos News launches new look for print publications

When talk of a redesign of the Taos News began a year ago, the plan was to launch a remake of the newspaper. Not just changing the look and feel of the paper but …

A mis queridos Taoseños, bienvenidos a Sus Fiestas de Taos!

To visitors and guests of our community, my warmest welcome to the Fiestas de Taos!
Courtesy photoAn horno under construction at the Questa Farmers Market has brought together people of all ages to work on it.

Questa Farmers Market

The Questa Farmers Market has had a season much like the gardens from which the greens and fresh edibles emerge: utterly alive and seemingly unstoppable."It's been …

Success Story: Mattress Mary's Mountain Lifestyle

Taos Lifestyle on Paseo del Pueblo Sur has been bringing beautiful furniture and quality mattresses to Taos for 15 years. This spring, Mattress Mary’s Mountain Lifestyle opened just a few blocks away.
A one-room schoolhouse in Ojo Sarco in 1943 taught eight grades with two teachers, with most of the instruction in Spanish—the common language then in most local homes. By John Collier, Jr., working for the Farm Security Administration and the Office of War Information.  Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Library of Congress Control Number: 2017842900.

Celebrate our diversity. Discover our history.

In this week’s edition, we are excited to publish our 5th annual Land Water People Time, Northern New Mexico’s cultural guide.
Local news

Town mourns loss of Taos High School culinary teacher

News of Benjie Apodaca's death began to circulate across the social media and through the community on Monday (July 15) as friends and colleagues offered their …

Tempo Arts & Entertainment
One night, three short comedies
The cliché about working with a group of unruly and differing people being like "herding cats" might apply to the local theater …
The problem is not right or left
When political parties became lured by big money, big ideas about how to help the working stiffs of America went right out the window. …
Taos students learn 'Serenade'
The ballet is a feat of grace, physical rigor, and soul. Akin to the professional ice skater and gymnast, it is exhilarating to watch …
Wickedly paradoxical duo
Rich vocal harmonies, lush instrumentation and soulful lyrics define Tina & Her Pony. The last time the duo rode through town was …
Venue offers style for decor, fashion
An eclectic event is happening Saturday (July 20) that is sure to spark creative flair out of monsoonal doldrums. It's a fashion show …
What do you see through a viewfinder?
"The basic material of photographs is not intrinsically beautiful. It's not like ivory or tapestry or bronze or oil on canvas. You're …
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Reel Talk: Weekly fishing and stocking report

This condensed version of the weekly fishing report, provided by Bill Dunn and New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, has been generated from the best information available from area officers and …

Rio Grande Water Level

Click image for larger version.

Podcasts read by Larry Torres

  • El viento created havoc por doquiera
  • Grama is still mad con el Filimotas
  • Spamglish: Filimotas was weird porque se le cayó la mollera
  • En un tiempo, Grama Cuca fue una beautician
  • Canutito sells blanquillos para comprar Easter eggs
  • Canutito aprende a hacer un rain dance
  • Grama Cuca toma té milagroso in order to lose weight
  • Is the fish called 'el pez,' 'la pez' or 'lópez'?
  • La Mrs. Sandoval batalla con el Filimotas
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