Protecting Río Grande is personal for River Daddy

Olivia Harlow/Santa Fe New MexicanRiver activist Steve Harris stands alongside the Río Grande, which flows just a few feet from his house in Pilar. Harris has led many conservation efforts for Northern New Mexico waterways.
Steve Harris' backyard is drying up. The cigar-smoking river guru considers the Río Grande his home. Protecting the river - "the queen of them all," as he calls it - is personal.
Nan FischerMelissa Mead of Succulent Journey surrounded by potted plants that make a great holiday gift for gardeners.

Great gifts for the gardener

Even though there is snow on the ground and last year's gardens are a distant memory, we gardeners are planning for the upcoming growing season. Just because we are not out …
'Butterpie Mugs,' clay and glaze by Abbie Salsbury

Taos Mesa Arts hosts first Holiday Show

Taos artists Abby Salsbury and Dean Pulver celebrate recent renovations to their passive solar studios and Taos Mesa Arts - an arts space encompassing clay, printmaking and woodworking studios, a gallery and workshop space -- by hosting an exhibition of five regional artists.

Consumerism is the true 'War on Christmas'

After railing on Fox News about the non-existent "War on Thanksgiving," we can expect our Divider-in-Chief to hold forth on Fox News about their other non-existent fantasy, the so-called "War on Christmas."

Trial scheduled for former bank manager accused of embezzlement

The former longtime manager of the U.S. Bank located on Taos Plaza is scheduled to appear for a trial this month in a case charging her with embezzling more than $100,000.
Winter Blend Tea ceylon, anise, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, cedar, pink peppercorn, orange peel, cardamon, and vanilla bean  tea.o.graphy  Starting at $8.75

Give: Holiday giving, local shopping

This week's gift guide selections include the quick, the furry, and the eco-friendly. Here are some shopping ideas, all available right here in Taos.
Local news

Trial scheduled for former bank manager accused of embezzlement

The former longtime manager of the U.S. Bank located on Taos Plaza is scheduled to appear for a trial this month in a case charging her with embezzling more than $100,000.

Taos Opinions
Comfort in a psalm
In these turbulent and divisive political times I've found comfort and truth in Psalm 15 from Stephen Mitchell's "A Book of Psalms, …
May I interest you in a conspiracy theory?
For the past few months, I've been carrying on a conversation with a woman -- who lives right here in Taos -- on the multifarious …
Good news for beer drinkers
I am writing this to seek the attention of our beer drinking community. This includes athletes, non-athletes, young people, old …
Six-year terms?
Six-year terms? One of the numerous problems of our era is the insane cost of political campaigns, and the fact that, from the …
Best gift
The shopping ... er … Christmas season ... is here. It is loads of fun to pick out special gifts for loved ones in anticipation …
LWCF is good for New Mexico businesses - so let's fund it
A few years ago, I moved out West for the same reasons many young people are doing so these days - I was in awe of the mountains, and …
Many cultures around the world celebrate and give thanks during the autumn harvests. While the history of the official Thanksgiving …
Welcome to America, land of the racketeer
Welcome to America, and congratulations on having to learn all that useless information that you'll never need again. What you, and …
Listening for decency gives reader hope
Many of the people I know have not spent the hours I have in the last two weeks listening to the impeachment hearings. But I have been …
La Vida

How to release toxic emotions

Ever have someone bite your head off? Did you then suffer emotionally for days, or even a week? Or have you ever had a situation, especially around the holidays, that made you so angry, you got stressed to the max and were ready to run away from home? Here's the procedure for clearing trauma that works miracles for me.

Tempo Arts & Entertainment
Now showing in Taos: ‘Harriet’
Clearly, director Kasi Lemmons had a monumental weight thrust upon her shoulders to depict the life and times of American hero Harriet …
A fiber painter's artful abandon
Creativity craves change, movement, unknowns, surprise, wonder - all elements fiber artist Faith Welsh can't get enough of."I'm …
New album rises from the dust of an abandoned church
In the wide open spaces of Jaroso, Colorado, there stands an old adobe building. Originally built as a Catholic church, it was …
Costilla artist builds furniture to last a century
The cedar chests, the cabinets and the benches of Costilla furniture maker David Satrun present a quality and a durability that …
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
It's hard to believe we're smack in the middle of the 2019 holiday season, but here we are. The last 12 months have flown by fast and …
Lighting Ledoux, a homegrown holiday tradition
In considering the many December festivities throughout town, Lighting Ledoux is one of the most anticipated and, well, enchanting.
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Winning season on the mind of Questa

Questa girls basketball is looking for a winning season. MaxPreps tracks season records for the state of New Mexico going back to the 2006-07 season, and Questa hasn't had one to date since then.

Rio Grande Water Level

Click image for larger version.

Podcasts read by Larry Torres

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