Taos walks for suicide awareness

Supporters of Community Against Violence walked in the March for Life on Wednesday (Sept. 18) to raise awareness of suicide and how to prevent it within the community.
Taos community members gathered Wednesday (September 18) to bring awareness to suicide and the steps to prevention.  The Walk for Life began at Kit Carson Park with a gathering of teens and …

Taos Ride Photo Contest

Grab your camera and show off your favorite car, van, truck or cycle!

FBI offers reward for information on Taos Pueblo murders

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to arrest and conviction in the murder of two Taos Pueblo men.  According to a FBI press release, …
Allied Forces land on Attu Island, May 11, 1943    "There was nothing fancy about this meal prepared by sailors in the Holtz Bay on May 19, but the food was hot. Note the ski standing upright in the foreground. Snow can be found year-round on Attu Island." states the original caption.
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Leyendas: The deep breadth of Taos' history

Whether it be an 1865 murder gone unpunished; a young fur trapper captured by Mexican troops, in-prisoned and then banished only to return to New Mexico as a territorial governor; a pair of seemingly out-of-place stone pillars with possible ties to the Knights Templar...
Tara Somerville/Taos NewsStudents link hands in an exercise as part of the Emotional Quotient retreat at Taos High School.

Taos High School teaches emotional intelligence

Arms and hands reached, coiled and wrestled through the human knots created along the second floor hallway of Taos High School on Tuesday (Sept. 10). As they …
The Garifuna Collective hails from the Central American nation of Belize. An error in the print edition of this story stated this was an island. It is not.

Garifuna Collective keeps Belizean music alive

The Garifuna Collective is based in Belize and made up of more than 50 musicians of varied generations who strive to express and keep alive the unique music and culture of the Garifuna people. The …
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Taos walks for suicide awareness

Taos community members gathered Wednesday (September 18) to bring awareness to suicide and the steps to prevention.  The Walk for Life began at Kit Carson Park with a gathering of teens and …

Taos Opinions
Opinion: Forest plan can do more to protect water and wildlife
Whether you’re passionate about pursuing Rio Grande cutthroat trout, an annual deer or elk hunt with family and friends, or you just …
Opinion: Shedding more light on Taos Cow plans
Dear Taos News, Thank you for the short piece updating the public on our progresses in Arroyo Seco and the Anglada building in Cañon …
Opinion: Youth Demand Climate Crisis Action to Protect Our Future
It is not unusual to read another headline about the irrefutable climate crisis of our planet. If awareness about the burning Amazon …
Opinion: PERA board out of control
Over the past few years the PERA Board (Public Employees Retirement Association) has spun out of control and neglected its fiduciary …
Opinion: Finding a fair solution to surprise health care billing
I am glad to see Congress working on legislation to end surprise billing, which I experienced firsthand. No one should go through what …
Opinion: What are your options in Health Insurance?
As a benefit navigation program coordinator at Holy Cross Medical Center, I am very passionate about ensuring that the people in my …
La Vida

Austrian wine industry survives invasions, disease and dilution

Wine grapes have been grown in what is now Austria for thousands of years, cultivated by Celtic tribes even before the Romans infiltrated the region. And with a history that long, there have to have …

Tempo Arts & Entertainment
Taos Star Guide
Luna’s last quarter moon phase peaks on Saturday (Sept. 21) at 7:40 p.m. Then, on Sunday (Sept. 22), the annual Libra equinox …
Printmakers create a superb impression
Much like the "first impression" we make on others upon a first meeting, the first impressions made from a block of wood or a metal …
Taos Fall Arts celebrates 45 years of artistic excellence
The excitement in Taos is palpable every year, anticipating opening night of the Taos Fall Arts Festival. The opening reception and …
'Armond Lara Extravaganza' comes to town
A special exhibition is coming our way. FaraHNHeight Fine Art in collaboration with Revolt Gallery is "honored and enthusiastic" to …
NeoRio embraces science with creativity
NeoRio offers thought-provoking art installations right on the rim of the Río Grande gorge, along with a farm-to-table feast, poetry …
High Road Art Tour offers a creative wonder around every turn
Locals love to tell visitors to "take the high road." The reason is because the route from Española north to Taos through the winding …
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Taos Composite mountain bike team compete in first two races of season

Taos Composite High School Mountain Bike Team entered its fifth season with some top performances at two races.Colorado League's South ConferenceThe team took 10 athletes to the first race on Aug. 25 …

Rio Grande Water Level

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