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I read the hate letter, "Go Away Rainbow" that Steve Samuel wrote and was published in last week's paper.

He certainly characterizes the Rainbow people as being a danger to others and to our community, and he builds a stereotype that none of us would like...

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We will soon have an reality-based, experienced leader in the White House. Trump supporters were taught to fear "socialism" and that it will overtake the United States of America. Actually, the USA has historic socialist underpinnings. Consider the following: Do you drive on public roads or interstate highways, visit the public library, drink water from a community water system? Rely on the fire department and local law enforcement?

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Congress passed the bill with strong bipartisan support, and President Donald Trump signed it into law in August.

David Gold of Santa Fe was not surprised, he said, to learn the Trump administration is now seeking to weaken key parts of the new conservation law.

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Pete Souza had a dream job. As the official White House photographer, he was given unprecedented access to President Barack Obama, his family, and the inner workings of American leadership for eight years. 

By its very nature, Marpac Inc. had already joined the fight against the novel coronavirus. The Albuquerque-based medical manufacturer's main business is producing key components used in ventilators. But when supplies of personal protective equipment began to run low amid the spread of COVID-19, Marpac jumped into that effort, too.