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Who doesn't enjoy the image of a witty jester arousing the subterranean senses of humor tightly guarded within a generally unsympathetic patriarch? As opposed to the lifeless subservient henchmen at his disposal; safe from harm for the most part except for the occasional exhibitions of sadism on a whim. At least when a jester gets punished it's for having the gumption to risk their neck on the effectiveness of a joke. And yet people manage to dedicate several hours of air time about the dangers of "cancel culture." Then there's the vicious searing version of a fool as in King Lear. With the nerve to ask a king: "Dost thou know the difference, my boy, between a bitter fool and a sweet fool?" Or to incisively ask: "May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse?"

Moved on recently. We love her, all of us. Roberta Meyers is one of the greatest world-reknown writers of the pervious and present centuries. Poetry, theater, production and screen play; musician, composer, publisher; all the way from her First-people of America culture to the Gospel of our Lord.

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Taos Onstage (TOS) has been entertaining audiences in Taos and beyond for close to a decade. The force of nature behind the roster of largely local actors, costume and stage designers, and those who volunteer is board president and founding member Charlotte Keefe. Keefe is a seasoned stage veteran who does what she does for the love of the craft.

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Taos musicians, poets and actors are now more than ever eager to share their craft with a live audience.

Taos actor, musician and poet Tenney Walsh is one of them and she is giving a free concert Thursday (June 10) at Lun+Ojo Gallery at 111 Paseo del Pueblo Norte from 4 to 6 p.m. Walsh has worked with many thespians in town, including writer, actor and director of Taos Children's Theater, Karen Thibodeau.

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The Patrons

Oh, dear Bill you have left us. You were such a part of the early days, the days when Taos won our hearts. Our first interaction with you was as patrons of your Plaza Movie Theater. Soon after we moved here, Michael and I bid on a raffle ticket for a year of free movie-going … we had the highest bid. We lived a few blocks from your movie theater and our television had broken. We took brazen advantage of our prize. You had an intricate schedule of movies ranging from soft porn to classic Bergman. I think you were in love with Julie Christie. We went to movies at your place at least twice a week. Soon our children caught on, and they would even bring "cousins" to watch cartoons. You just smiled and welcomed us all. Thank you.

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Many revere Sherlock Holmes as the greatest private detective that ever lived.

This beloved English gumshoe is a fictionalized character, from the genius mind of British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. One of the most intriguing Doyle stories, "Adventures of the Red-Headed League," will be explored by the Taos Children's Theater in a 10-day theater/dance Zoom intensive.

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Flight of the Blue Dog is all about having fun.

The good times began when two self-described "singing lunch ladies" started serving up songs at the lunchroom of Taos Integrated School of the Arts several years ago. TISA Director Rich Greywolf and longtime musician and TISA staff member David Kinney would liven up the school's lunchtime by singing Happy Birthday and other engaging songs to the kids.