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The rugged country of northern Chihuahua in Mexico seems an unlikely place to find an artistic movement. Yet just a few miles south of the San Luis Mountains, the residents of a small village produce a thin-walled, finely painted ceramic ware rivaling any handmade pottery in the world. Its originator, Juan Quezada, was discovered in 1976.

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A Tempo take on the John Dunne Shoppes, Alhambra de Taos, and Taos Blue as the economy waits patiently to start moving again,

Sue Westbrook, the owner of Taos Blue, peels back paper from her windows to reveal her new holiday display.

After 21 years in business together, Nancy and Lindsey Enderby are still loving every minute of it. They started Horse Feathers, a retail and online store of western collectibles and clothes, from scratch, very small, and then allowed it to grow and …