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The Taos Center for the Arts (TCA) announced a change in the Board of Directors, leadership, and officers late last week.

Trisha Fong, the TCA's new President of the Board, is the founder and owner of Fong Norden Design, a graphic design firm that focuses on branding and marketing. She has extensive experience in the architecture industry, where she continues to work as a consultant. She holds a degree in architecture from the University of Washington.

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The first time Dave Armijo walked into the Taos Living Center in the autumn of 2017, he said it "felt like home." He started his journey to becoming the administrator for the long-term care facility in his hometown of Las Vegas, New Mexico, working first as a receptionist. He moved up the ranks to managerial positions. Along the way he found his passion for an undervalued industry that takes care of people at a stage of life when they need it most. Armijo said he realized working in a nursing home, "I could make a difference every day in the lives of the residents."

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The Peñasco Independent School District board drew up plans Tuesday (March 16) to transition to synchronous learning -- full-time in-class learning and simultaneous remote learning -- as early as April 5, in order to comply with new state mandates.

The New Mexico Public Education Department announced Monday (March 8) the state would be moving teachers and staff to the front of the vaccination line in order to get schools safely opened as quickly as possible.

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'I got this," he declared emphatically, an assertion understood by a Taos Behavioral Health clinician who knows his clients. "They think they can do everything - keep the kids connected to schoolwork, pay the bills, care for family relationships, follow all the COVID guidelines, hide the fear of the virus spread, be OK with not traveling or seeing relatives, grieve the loss of loved ones and still come out strong," said the clinician later.

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Dr. Cipry Jaramillo is a native New Mexican who attended UNM and did her residency at Southern New Mexico Family Practice in Las Cruces. So it makes sense that she attacked the pandemic head-on in the name of saving her fellow New Mexicans. 

Jaramillo is a Hospitalist at Holy Cross Medical Center.

What does that mean? It means she is focused entirely on hospitalized patients; a.k.a. patients with the most severe COVID symptoms.

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Since taking the reins as CEO of Holy Cross

Medical Center in 2015, Bill Patten has seen his fair share

of ups and downs, challenges, and proverbial mountains

to climb. Over the course of an illustrious, decades-long career, Patten has found there is always another difficulty to overcome, another opportunity to seize. But 2020 presented an obstacle he had never seen. In fact, it presented issues that few people had ever seen.

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It may only be early February, but take advantage of all those quiet days at home to go through receipts, statements and a year’s worth of paperwork to prepare for April 15. Like it or not, the tax deadline is right around the corner.