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We are deep friends. We wrote a book together. It started as a COVID activity about our mutual lives, about aging, about parenting, about racism, about America and about our parents.

We both struggled. We had absentee fathers, stepfathers and lived with a fear of abandonment. As parents, we strive to ensure that our own children no longer share our fear.

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I’m writing to give a public shoutout of gratitude to Ryan Timmermans, U.S. Army veteran and founder and executive director of Carson-based nonprofit Veterans Off-Grid, for hauling 6 tons of “glassphalt” to my place in Two Peaks to pave my dirt driveway and the road in front of the house.

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Kristina Ortez said she distinctly remembers the moment when she decided to run for office. It was 2019. She was at a gathering focused on attracting more women to run for political office. One of the speakers was Linda Calhoun, Red River's mayor. "I remember her clearly saying one, talk to your family about it, and two, run a kind, clean campaign. That really struck me. I thought she had a lot of integrity."

All payments to the Taos County Treasurer’s office must be made no later than Sunday (May 10.)  After conversation with the state of New Mexico, Taos County Treasurer Susan Trujillo is …

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Think back to a moment when your mother or father, or maybe a loving grandparent or teacher, told you a story. Do you remember it? What feelings do you associate with it? If you're like most people, you will recall those moments with evident fondness. Why? The story itself probably had little to do with it. More likely, it was the love and attention that poured out from that caring adult that helped you feel safe and warm.

"Our huge message right now is, 'If you haven't yet responded, please do not until you receive your 12-digit personal ID code." So said Gillian Joyce, Census 2020 outreach coordinator for Taos County, in an April 29 phone interview. 

If you haven't yet received your census 2020 questionnaire or respondent code, you're not alone – but it's best to wait until you have the code before you respond.