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Being sick and serving a good purpose seems, at first glance, to be two concepts that don't go together. If we define the verb "serve" as to be of use and to help, then the two situations appear even more disconnected from each other.

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Kathleen Branchal Garcia was sitting at her desk in her office in Santa Fe this September when she began to feel something she had never felt before.

“The only way I can explain it is I felt like my brain had a power surge,” said Branchal Garcia, 56. “Everything went black — I lost everything.”

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Good morning que les dió Dios, mi plebe. I know you are exhausted, pisando la lengua from political angst, quarantine. ÍQue augíte!

Everybody was waiting for the tension to end. But it's not really over. Now we know how deeply divided our country is - we are sitting on the railroad tracks and here comes an out-of-control pandemic, massive economic chaos, climate change, the ravages of wildfires, hurricanes, drought, political deadlock, pathological inequality and widespread suffering. Just when we need each other more than we ever have - we are polarized.

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During this unprecedented era of separation and isolation due to COVID, people, particularly children, urgently need to build relationships, connect with community and foster a sense of self.

Parents can help restore their child's sense of self and belonging through storytelling activities. Storytelling is a human pursuit that crosses all cultures and generations and can help restore some of the missing elements in our children's lives today.

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Cinnamon's Botanicals, at 114 Kit Carson Road, opened its doors just weeks ago and, with winter around the corner, its arrival couldn't be more timely.

The proprietor, Cinnamon Bird, is a clinical herbalist who's stocked the shelves in the cozy, welcoming space with all manner of bulk herbs, salves, tinctures and medicinal teas.

Watching video footage of George Floyd's last moments - gasping for air as a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck - triggers vivid memories for Walter Turner.His son Daniel Turner, 40, also …