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Reviews of Hydroglyphics: Reflections on the Sacred By Phaedra Greenwood and Being Home: A Southwestern Almanac By Catalina Claussen, photography by Ajalaa Claussen

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Acclaimed art photographer, Zoë Zimmerman has lived in Taos since she was 7 years old. Her earliest memories are of the East Village of Manhattan during its bohemian heyday.

Zimmerman returned East to study at Rhode Island School of Design, and until this year, traveled frequently to the place of her birth. Much like the trope regarding Texas, you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl, she retains an edgy quality to her work, no matter the subject. Zimmerman's eye for the offbeat and the noir asserts itself like a mysterious fragrance - here now, and gone.

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The Fechin Studio and Taos Art Museum have been quiet for months. Two spring shows were canceled in the wake of the pandemic, and the traditional late-summer annual gala never happened.

That all changes on Friday (Oct. 9) with an exhibition of 29 silver gelatin photographs of Taos women artists at work in their studio by Meredith Garcia.

Peggy and Steve Immel have been together for 57 years. They have lived in eight states, traveled the world and made hundreds of paintings and photographs. The one word used by both …

The image shown here is of two emission nebulae in the constellation Serpens Cauda (The Serpent's Tail). The larger one, which …

Thirty years ago, Mose Rainault, a native of Canada who has been a resident of Taos County now for 36 years, made a piece a furniture at someone's request. He realized that furniture-making was truly …

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Why is it, a viewer might wonder, that the bright blue bear with a splash of gold on his face, painted by Karen Ahlgren, reveals an aspect of this animal which somehow was never noticed before? Or …