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In the rapidly growing mountain biking universe, Taos is overshadowed by neighboring destinations like Crested Butte and Moab that have reached legendary status. But the reality is that Northern New Mexico is home to some world class riding that's on the radar, and so much more that's not - yet. If you're willing go without certain luxuries, like … say, trail signs or markers ... or much infrastructure at all, you will be pleasantly surprised if not totally stoked.

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When Annijke Wade first set foot in New Mexico two years ago, she was unfamiliar with the landscape and its environs.

But she quickly learned to adapt to the dry air and high altitude. She even picked up a new hobby that became something of an obsession.

Surrounded by sacred wilderness and infused with the cultures of the Taos Pueblo, Hispanic and European peoples who have defined it, Taos Ski Valley (TSV) is steeped in legend and mystique. The vast, …