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Everything organic goes back to the earth and sustains life as it decomposes. Before oil fields and strip mining and manufacturing plastic, the earth was clean. Now it is so polluted by plastic, …

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Fresh off being awarded a Quest for Excellence Quality Award, Holy Cross Medical Center in Taos continues to roll with the punches thrown by the still-rampant pandemic, with some of the hardest …

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The point of recycling isn't to make money or not spend money. The point is to help the environment. It's the sort of thing you do that may have some costs. Find ways to pay for it ...

There are treasures to be found when living without enough money, but it sure doesn’t seem like it at first.

 At first we alternated feeling stupid with feeling ashamed.

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Millions of families across the United States are seeing checks arrive in the mail and money deposited in their bank accounts this month from advance child tax credit payments.

The batch of payments this month is worth about $15 billion and impacts around 36 million families in the country, according to a press release from the IRS. Payments began Aug. 13.

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June 25 through the 27 marks the 11th anniversary of the Cancer Support Services For The Health Of It fundraiser. If you or a loved one has ever experienced cancer, you know how important a program like this is.

The money that is raised goes directly into the program to provide our community members in Taos & Western Colfax counties with support services such as money to purchase food, gas to get to treatments and lodging for times when an overnight stay is necessary when getting treatment or visiting doctors.

The program also provides...