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The San Ildefonso Pueblo, north of Santa Fe, is home for San Ildefonso pottery, one of the most famous known art forms of the New Mexico Pueblos. Maria Martinez (1887-1980), the most influential …

Una tarde after dinner, Canutito curled up cerca de la Grama Cuca donde estaba watchando television. He said to her, "Grama, no puedo dormir. Can you tell me una bedtime story so that I can fall sleep? Por favor."

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Era el mes de mayo and as it happened cada vez que venía ese month of May todos los años, the local people liked to gather together en las tardes to pray el rosario de María. Cuando la Grama Cuca walked into the bedroom para invitar al grampo y al Canutito to come a rezar con ella, they didn't hear her porque estaban bien atencionados watching el Dick Van Dyke Show en la television. Era el episodio where el Danny Thomas pretended que era un hombre extraño llamado Kolak del planeta Twilo. The men were so involved en ese programa they didn't notice Grama Cuca come in pa'l cuarto hasta que no les hizo turn off the TV.

She announced: "Bueno, la estrella de la oración ya salió and once that evening star comes out, es tiempo de rezar."

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Walk into the store at the south end of the El Dorado Plaza in Taos, and the smell of leather hits you in the face as soon as you open the doors.

“It’s the boots,” Maria Martinez, said.

That smell, and that location particular to Taos, will be gone soon.

Age 87, of Arroyo Seco passed away peacefully surrounded by family on July 26, 2020, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.

'Dost thou remember, daughter," the Virgin asked Sister María, one night as she was dictating her autobiography to her, "that at one time the Indians of the New World had informed Fr. Benavides that they had thought that the nun Sister Luisa Colmenares and thou, had been one and the same nun? The Franciscan friars had shown them a picture and they answered that the only difference between both was that Sister Luisa was old and that thou hadst smooth skin."