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I read the hate letter, "Go Away Rainbow" that Steve Samuel wrote and was published in last week's paper.

He certainly characterizes the Rainbow people as being a danger to others and to our community, and he builds a stereotype that none of us would like...

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Dear Taos,


I am writing to ask your readers to please write back and tell me why they like New Mexico, interesting facts about the state anf what visitors can do there. They can write to my school address (listed below). If they could also iunclude a copy of the newspaper where they saaw my letter, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Many of us parents are overwhelmed right now, trying to hold down jobs, stay sane and ensure child care is happening, let alone taking on our new job title of "teacher."

My name is Marcus Montoya Sr. and I feel somewhat compelled to respond to the [advertisement] (Taos News, April 2-9, page A15) paid for by Anthony J. Ayala, candidate for District Court judge, Division 2.

Although Eliza Gilkyson released "Calling All Angels" in 1987, the lyrics still ring true today. Gilkyson, the Austin-based folk musician, is the daughter of songwriter and fellow folk singer Terry Gilkyson. Her brother is guitarist Tony Gilkyson, who played with the legendary Los Angeles-based bands Lone Justice and X.

John Nichols' newest book, "Goodbye, Monique: Requiem for a Brief Marriage," might be called a memoir, but it's not really about the author. Instead, it is an ode to his mother, Monique, who dies when he is only 2, and a poignant depiction of her four years together with his father, David Nichols.