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No one who owns property in Taos County in an area zoned Residential/Agricultural and where there are empty tracts of land nearby is safe from having a commercial usage plopped down in the middle of them.

The recent application for a "Glamping" project on C110, essentially an "outdoor motel," eagerly promoted by the Taos County Planning Department and passed by the Taos County Planning Commission, demonstrates how we property owners are all in peril. Even if one does their due diligence - as we did before we bought - [it can't] guarantee protection from an unwanted commercial activity being granted a Special Use Permit (SUP).

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Tensions were high at a Town and County Joint Meeting on Friday (March 5) as potential areas of annexation by the town were discussed, particularly pertaining to the Taos Regional Airport. Going into the meeting, there was concern from local citizens that the town was rushing to push through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the county - a type of agreement between two parties - without any input from the public.

 If there were ever unsung heroes in Taos, they are Matt Thomas and Agnes Chavez, co-creators of The Paseo. Because of their foresight bearing fruit, thousands of people crawled Taos’ …

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Recently, I experienced a wonderful act of kindness from local citizens to a local nonprofit organization. Oil painter Mark Asmus and his wife Lawrence Baker opened their home and their hearts for a show of Mark's paintings. Guests could purchase …