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Scottish poet, Robert Burns' song's refrain "We'll take a cup of kindness yet" rings clear and true through the centuries, especially in this time, rife with so much hardship, grief and uncertainty.

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I so look forward to reading Anita Rodriguez' columns, and this last one was a masterpiece of love for her lifelong home of Taos and for Mante…

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Thank you for being a caregiver and supporting people in their time of need. With the pandemic continuing now for at least 10 months, people are truly feeling trauma fatigue and becoming more and more irritable, self-absorbed and moving into survival mode which is not very mindful.

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By Eileen WiardThank you for your attention to and concern for the hearts and minds of us readers as we navigate this strange country we are waking up to every day.I find that with each new day, I am …

Richard Torres was born in 1931 in San Francisco, California, the second eldest of ten children. His calling in life was to teach love and kindness through his every day actions and interactions.

In these turbulent and divisive political times I've found comfort and truth in Psalm 15 from Stephen Mitchell's "A Book of Psalms, Selected and Adapted from the Hebrew" (ISBN 0-06-092470-50):

Alexis Aragon A recent resident of Taos passed away tragically in the early morning hours of December 16, 2018. She was a lost and forgotten soul who many pray now is at peace. In life her kindness …