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These seven words in the April 22-28 Taos News editorial threw me into a downward spiral from which I still haven't recovered: "the airport expansion IS going to happen."

Democracy is under assault at every level of government across the globe; we all know that a free press is one of the most powerful ways to shine light on issues that otherwise get decided behind closed doors. Here in Taos, though, it appears that the will of the people doesn't matter to the Taos News editors. How else could the airport expansion debate be declared as over? Even though the public is just beginning to get opportunities to weigh in on it? This editorial smacks of paternalism; evidently, residents are just too dumb to have life experiences and points of views that are worth considering - we simpletons just don't understand that "indirect" benefits are the best we can hope for.

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For Taos students, families and teachers, the month of August usually means the end of summer and the start of back-to-school: shopping for a new lunchbox, looking for deals on primary colored markers and presharpend No. 2 pencils and labeling everything in sight with your child's name in black Sharpie.

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On Tuesday (June 23) the New Mexico Public Education Department released its guidelines for allowing K-12 students back into the classrooms for the first time since March, when schools across the state were shut down for in-person attendance after the outbreak of a highly infectious novel coronavirus.

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