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There but for the grace of God go I. That old maxim must go through the minds of a lot of people who instantly slap a particular mental label on folks that don’t have what they do. Usually, it’s the homeless and sometimes it’s the nomads that move from place to place, usually on the edge of town.

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This year, the 39th year of the Los Pastores tradition begun in Taos, the cast of Sangre de Cristo Liturgies and Las Pistoleras, both of Taos, plans to present a virtual, creative and innovative piece that observes the current COVID-19 protocols of social distancing.

Arron Shiver was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 40 some years ago, and spent a great deal of his youth in Taos. Here is where he discovered acting quite early on in life at high school with famed Taos High School drama teacher Nancy Jenkins, and in the rich community theater that has long thrived here. He was married for several years, to artist Anaïs Rumfelt (who appears on our cover with their son, Jackson). He has appeared in many motion pictures and television shows, as well as onstage. He lives in Los Angeles but visits often. His mother, Melody Swann, founder of Cowgirls Design, still lives here, and Jackson Shiver splits his time between LA and Taos.

At its core, whether based in a religion or not, faith is a deep-rooted expectation of good things to come. Faith lives in one’s heart and spirit. It can’t be explained away by reason or logic, or be defined through a single lens. Taos’ faith doesn’t come from some newfangled, convoluted idea or practice. Its purpose isn’t to divide, judge or ignore. It comes from generations of deep-rooted tradition — a faith that truly comes from optimistic hearts and genuine spirits.

There are few outdoor performance venues in the world as dramatic as the Wild Rivers Amphitheater at 1120 Cerro Road near Cerro. Taking advantage of this epic setting, the Q-town …

The play will have two casts performing on alternate nights. "They are very different, with different takes, and they're both phenomenal," said THS Drama Director Saundra Bouchie.

'Los Pastores," the Hispano folk drama traditionally enacted at Christmas time, has found a new manifestation in the hands of well-known and beloved New Mexican author, Jim Sagel.An important holiday …