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Some people approach the game of golf as a way to relax on a sunny afternoon. Others approach it as a serious pursuit, looking for a pro gig. And some, like La Mesa, California resident Clay …

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At a roundtable discussion Wednesday (Sept. 8) in Española, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham expressed hope the state would become a leader in the national dialogue on free college and be a place where anyone could pursue a degree with few barriers.

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Opinion > New Mexico is an oil and gas colony. We all know it.

The fossil fuel industry has operated in our state for more than a century. They've removed hundreds of billions of dollars of profit from New Mexico while leaving one hell of an expensive mess for New Mexicans to clean up.

While industry leaders crow about their contributions to New Mexico's state budget, the cost to clean up the mess they've left us pales in comparison to their contributions. New Mexico will pay a steep price for allowing itself to be exploited for so many years.

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I sympathize with Paul Kunkel's frustration (letter of May 27) that Kit Carson Electric Co-op is changing the rules to make household solar electric production less desirable. He should have been alerted that the goal posts were being moved, but the public focus has been exclusively on KCEC's big solar projects. Indeed, KCEC has criticized the nearly 450 individual solar producers in the county on the alleged grounds that regular KCEC customers are "subsidizing" us. This negative propaganda ignores important facts: We invested our own money believing in KCEC's solar sustainability plans and continue to contribute our share to it every day.

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Imagine hosting dinner for a House Finch, a Dark Eyed Junco, a Northern Flicker, a Western Tanager and a Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay. 

You can! Just drop by the Taos Children’s Library (402 Cam De La Placita) and pick up a free bird feeder kit with all the supplies and instructions included.

Girls Scouts of New Mexico Trails and the Taos Children’s Library are partnering for the “Grab & Go” event on Thursday (May 27) starting at 8:30 a.m.

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The recently executed American Rescue Plan [ARP], signed into law by the Biden-Harris administration, means reduced health insurance costs for many New Mexicans. The plan guarantees that people will pay no more than 8.5 percent of their household incomes on their health insurance premiums when purchasing Individual and Family (non-employer-based) health coverage. In short, the plan makes major improvements in both access and affordability by increasing financial assistance for purchasing health insurance coverage.

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College is expensive.

An average full-time semester at the University of New Mexico costs around $7,500. For a bachelor's degree, a student must attend eight full-time semesters. That's $60,000 dollars for a bachelor's degree.

This figure fails to take into consideration textbooks. In the past 30 years, textbook prices have increased by over 800 percent. In fact, more than half of students choose not to purchase a required textbook for at least one class because of cost. It is advised for students to set aside $1,200 a year for class materials alone.

Students pay their tuition - so why aren't materials included in those costs?