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Buy a Madam''s campfire mug and get a free drip coffee to wake you up, then stock up on healthy snacks before you head to the lake.

Madam's General Store: Your one-stop shop for snacks, souvenirs and package liquor.


Hours: 7am - 9pm | Closed Tuesdays

51 East Therma, Eagle Nest, NM 

On the Historic Boardwalk



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Just when you thought it would never arrive, Spring is here. The weather is better, the days are longer, and there is a wonderful sense of renewal in the air. And once again, the market offers an abundance of spring asparagus.

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Alyson Hyder came to Taos from New Zealand in November of 2002 and has been here ever since.

For the first five years after moving to Northern New Mexico, she ran Cottam's hotel in Taos Ski Valley until the 4th of July in 2007, when she was hired as the executive director of the Village of Taos Ski Valley's Chamber of Commerce.

She stayed at the chamber for six years until leaving to work for (Market Taos). She was instrumental in the recent push for Taos tourism's current focus, having played a key role in choosing content for the website. Since leaving that position, Hyder has managed the Austing Haus Hotel on State Road 150, the highway to Taos Ski Valley, Inc.

Hearing she had recently and discreetly, opened a food cart in TSV, we checked in with her to find out what she was up to now.

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Last winter, right before the pandemic sent the world into lockdown, visitors and locals alike gathered at Taos Ski Valley for the annual Winter Wine Festival. Soon thereafter, several people complained of the awful flu going around, and one local who wishes to remain anonymous was given steroids to combat a terrible lung condition that developed with the aforementioned "flu." She had sat next to a vintner from Milan.

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The other day, I happened to be shopping for groceries and found a lovely bag of fresh peas. I hardly ever see them in the store, so I snatched them up, of course. Fresh peas are a phenomenon unto themselves with no resemblance to the little grayish offerings you find in a can. Thus inspired, I immediately turned my attention to a creating my version of a classic comfort dish: Shepherd's Pie.

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Taos County moved Wednesday (March 10) back to the 'yellow phase' under the state's 'red-to-green' reopening plan, scoring a case average of 13.8 per 100,000 and a positivity rate of 2.75 percent over a two week average.

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New Summer Menu!

Check out for current menu items

Takeout Available

Open 5-9pm every day of the week


480 NM 150 Arroyo Seco

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During normal times, Aceq owner and Sommelier Michael (“Red”) Wagener, spends as much time on the slopes as he does in his very popular restaurant in Arroyo Seco. And regulars on the slopes can usually be found at Aceq once the sun goes down.