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Art can't be canceled but apparently the Paseo can.

 J. Matt Thomas' tagline since COVID-19 made its appearance, has, like many other fast-held beliefs, gone by the wayside; in fact, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that art can be canceled, along with music, and these days, practically everything else besides.

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Production on a remake of Stephen King’s “The Stand” had been well underway before the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic tore through the world, leaving more than half a million dead in the United States, businesses and schools closed, hospital wards filled to the breaking point, and the lives of virtually everyone put on hold. 

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The recent deadly Capitol siege was fueled by conspiracy theorists, including Ashli Babbitt, a QAnon supporter fatally shot by police as she tried to breach a barricaded doorway. Meanwhile, federal investigators are still looking into the belief system of Anthony Quinn Warner, who made statements about a conspiracy of lizard people taking over the planet before the explosion that damaged 41 buildings and injured three people in Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas Day.

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Colorful and cultural, fall not a time for idle hands. While many visitors focus their Taos time to summer and winter, there's probably no season with a greater diversity of activities and a fuller slate of events than fall. From the end of of …

Taos Fall Festivals offer an entire lineup of studio tours, music festivals, balloon rallies and other cultural cornerstones and you've got an especially magical time in an especially lovely place. From TAO's Studio Tour Labor Day Weekend through …