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The Sky's Eyes is a remote sensing machine that tracks animal populations and pollinator habitats to analyze change-over-time using detectors inspired by bat biosonar and butterfly and bee eyesight. A butterfly-inspired drone, MetaStitch, locates and delivers basic emergency medical treatment to wounded soldiers in combat zones. Butterfabric, is a water resistant textile based on the hydrophobic properties of butterfly wings and beeswax, used to make waterproof blankets to help the homeless and victims of natural disasters stay warm and dry.

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Bee Breeder Melanie Kirby has a window art installation as part of the Annex Windows exhibit coordinated by The Paseo Project. The name of the exhibit is "Hive Mind Alchemy: 2ning in2 2morrow's Future." Kirby said she felt inspired to make her art based on bees because "it takes a community to raise bees, they need flowers and healthy landscapes. I would like to encourage folks to think about how the smallest of fuzzy beasts help to feed them and their families. And that in return, perhaps we can plant more flowers and trees for them and avoid using toxic pesticides and other applications such as fungicides that can poison pollens and nectars and hurt all of our diverse pollinators. We are all interconnected and we give and take, like the broadcaster and the receiver, exchanging energy to promote life and music for each other."

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EPISODE 2: Acequia Farmer and Beekeeper

'The Río Grande as the sidewinding serpent, the shape-shifter and giver of blessings, and within the locomotive heart of this fabled river, there exists many roles and functions. The river as teacher and healer, a liquid church flowing democratic gospel where everyone is welcome to worship and revel. The river as storyteller and beat-keeper, a freestyle genius. The river as an old man dreaming of his return to the sea, or a silver-voiced woman singing full-throated to earth and sky. The river, as us, because everything echoes and rhymes within nature's divine scheme. A journey with many voices, a love song, forever remixed, river deep and mountain high." (Composed by John Biscello and narrated by Robert Mirabal in "Río Grande Serenade.")

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Know how they say, "One image is worth a thousand words?"

Art is the language for things too deep for words. Everybody knows bees, honey and getting stung without words. Everybody knows death, and that bees COoperate and build honeycombs. But did you know that bees excel in COmmunity-building, that they are mysterious, magical COmmunicators?

Bees are vital to all life and yet not many people are eager to get up close and personal with their fuzzy cuteness. Willingness to work with bees requires the kind of people willing to reduce their senses in adverse conditions in order to obtain resources from a group of sensitive and sometimes temperamental creatures with sharp pointy bits who attack in life-threatening swarms.

Local queen bee expert Melanie Kirby is pursuing her questions about the possible connections between New Mexico and Spanish bees by traveling to Spain. Her goal is to learn more about the science and cultural-traditional aspects of bees in order to benefit local beekeepers.