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Twirl turns 14 today, April 1. It’s hard to imagine Taos without it. Twirl is a vibrant play space; a point of connection for families, schools and community organizations; and the source of a constantly evolving curriculum of creative learning, as well as a wonderful toy store.

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The country is in the midst of a category 4 social, political, economic and health crisis (holy crap), and I have found myself more distracted and maybe even disgusted with our behaviors and response to our core national issues.

It seems we are beginning to aim our outrage at each other, rather than taking our time to better understand and connect with members of our community.

Arron Shiver was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 40 some years ago, and spent a great deal of his youth in Taos. Here is where he discovered acting quite early on in life at high school with famed Taos High School drama teacher Nancy Jenkins, and in the rich community theater that has long thrived here. He was married for several years, to artist Anaïs Rumfelt (who appears on our cover with their son, Jackson). He has appeared in many motion pictures and television shows, as well as onstage. He lives in Los Angeles but visits often. His mother, Melody Swann, founder of Cowgirls Design, still lives here, and Jackson Shiver splits his time between LA and Taos.

While many people will race though shopping malls and big box stores the day after Thanksgiving, Twirl is hosting a bright and festive alternative to kick off the holiday season.

No excuses. That's what Anaïs Rumfelt said when she turned age 40 three years ago and challenged herself to create a piece of art every day for 30 days.

Fans of Taos artist Anaïs Rumfelt have been watching her creative evolution through nearly two decades of gallery shows and events.