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Marcos Herrera, Taos Municipal Schools District Safety Coordinator, closes the gate as New Mexico State Police investigate an alleged stabbing at Taos High School on Monday (Sept. 19). Brandon Bryce Mcmillian, 27, was arrested and charged with three felonies in connection to the incident.

Updated Sept. 20 at 8:24 p.m.

At an arraignment at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, the 8th Judicial District Attorney's Office filed a motion for no bond in the attempted murder case against Brandon Bryce Mcmillan, who remains in custody. The public defender's office is seeking to contract with an outside attorney due to an undisclosed conflict of interest.

A 27-year-old Midland, Michigan, man is facing three felony counts, including intent to commit murder, after he was arrested and accused of stabbing a Taos High School cross country runner who was taking a break during practice mid-afternoon Monday (Sept. 19).

Brandon Bryce Mcmillan was set for an arraignment in Taos Magistrate Court late morning Tuesday (Sept. 20) for assault with intent to commit murder, a third-degree felony; aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, also a third-degree felony; and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a fourth-degree felony.

According to a statement of probable cause, the student who was attacked had sat down on a bench in the front of Taos High School's main entrance after running cool down laps nearby; Mcmillan was speaking with a teacher, telling him that "he was there to pick up his son."

The teacher then phoned a coach, and when he turned away from Mcmillan, the 27-year-old approached the student, "telling him that he was his father and tried to take him," the court document also states.

"You're not my dad," the student responded. The court document states that Mcmillan then "pulled a knife out from behind his back," walked up to the student and proceeded to stab him "in the neck area."

The student then ran toward the Taos High School football field, eventually turning back toward the school and climbing into an SUV in the front of the parking lot while Mcmillan chased him. Inside the vehicle, Mcmillan is accused of then stabbing the student multiple times in the abdomen area. A parent and a teacher were able to detain Mcmillan until law enforcement arrived.

The report of the stabbing was overheard on a police scanner Monday afternoon around 4 p.m., with state, local and tribal agencies responding to the call, along with county medics. Taos County EMS Chief Chris Medina said the student who was stabbed was flown to a trauma center in "serious, but stable condition."

While officials have not provided updates on the student's condition, Whitney Holland, American Federation of Teachers New Mexico president, and Francis Hahn, Taos Federation of School Employees president, said in a prepared statement that they had learned the student was stable: "It is with deep sadness that members of TFUSE and the larger Taos education community learned of a violent incident involving a student member of our school community. Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our public schools.

“We are pleased to learn that the victim is in stable condition and that the alleged perpetrator of this act is in custody, however, understandably, this event has shaken the Taos Schools community deeply," the statement continued."

Speaking on the phone Tuesday morning, New Mexico State Police Lt. Dominic Lucero said that Taos Police Department received the initial call about the stabbing, but state police officers were the first to arrive at the scene and took Mcmillan into custody.

Lucero said Taos Police Chief John Wentz requested that the state police investigations bureau take over the investigation.

In response to the incident, Interim Taos Municipal Schools Superintendent Valerie Trujillo announced in a press release late Monday night that all of the schools within the district would shift to remote learning Tuesday, with a plan to return to school on Wednesday.

Trujillo said in an updated press release late afternoon on Tuesday that the district was referring all questions about the incident to law enforcement and asked that students with information pertaining to the investigation to contact law enforcement as well.

She reiterated that the district is making counseling services available to any students who request them.

"As students return to Taos High School and Taos Middle School tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21st, counseling services will be available for all students needing assistance. Please contact the School District Office at (575) 758-5200 or contact your student’s school principal’s office for additional support."

A search of court records revealed no prior cases filed against Mcmillan in New Mexico.

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Alice Robison

Poor kid. Just sitting on the bench and gets stabbed by a random guy from Michigan? I am so glad he is stable. This is a random act of cruelty?

Alice Robison

This is a weird story. Poor kiddo! Just sitting on a bench after school and gets stabbed. I am SO GLAD he is stabilized. If the family needs help I hope they will let the Taos News know ~ sheesh~ this sounds so random. Who is this guy from MI?????

Nancy Murata

No one around to help the student? Any witnesses? Strange story..

Chuck McLaughlin

Yes, there were at least two adults around to help the student: a parent and a teacher (perhaps the teacher that the attacker talked to before the stabbing?) who subdued the attacker and held him until police arrived. Doesn't that count as witnessing and helping in your opinion?

Bruce Katlin

How did the assilant, get into the student's SUV to then stab "the student multiple times in the abdomen area. A parent and a teacher were able to detain Mcmillan until law enforcement arrived."?

Chuck McLaughlin

The attacker was chasing him. Apparently, the student didn't have time to close and lock the door before the attacker reached him again. The article didn't say the attacker got inside the car, only that the student was inside the car. I also imagine it was easy for two adults to subdue the attacker, since he would have his back turned toward them while attacking the student inside the car.

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