Thanks to letter writers, 2020

Morgan Timms/Taos News

Mariebella Duran, an eighth-grader at Taos Academy, shows the letters she's received and written as part of the letter-writing campaign to elders Friday (May 8.)

Taos has a lot of opinionated readers and we are grateful to every single one of them for making the time to write in. Apologies if missed including a letter writer on this list.

Charles Anderson

Mark Asmus

Ernie Atencio

Holly Azzari

Lawrence Baker

Rick Bellis

Willis Blackmore

Brian Blalock

Tom Blankenhorn

Sharon Bradshaw

Laurie Broadfoot

Daniel A. Brown

Rick Brown

AnJanette Brush

Jeannie Bushman

Molly Byrnes

Linda Calhoun

Sen. Pete Campos

Jo Carey

Maxine Caraveo

Andrew D. Chavez

Jehan Layne-Chavez

Marie Torres Cimarusti

Mya Coursey

Virginia Couse Leavitt

Gerald Crilly

Jai Cross

Ernestina Cruz

Jeff Black

Anne Brenner

Max DeMaria

Tom Eddington

Del Endres

Nathaniel Evans

Jane M. Farmer

Allen Fergoson

Norm Ferguson

Robert M. Fitch

Bob Fies

Ed Forde

Joanne Forman

Thomas Burnham French

George Geczy Jr.

Diane Gledhill

Tania Glenn

Ron and Cecile Gomez

Denise A. Gonzales

Bruce Grossman

Martha Guillory

Ron Hagg

George Fritz Hahn

Rick Haltermann

Pamela Harris

Jessica Harrower

Cristy Holden

Penny Holland

Jessie Hook

Catherine Horsey

James Jimenez

Howard Johnson

J. Michael Jones

Yale Jones

Bruce Katlin

Iris Keltz

Al Kelly

Melissa Kennelly

Steve Kenin

Abdul Khweis

Ana R. Klenicki

Kathleen Knoth

Davison Koenig

Sage Kohen

Gary Kowalksi

Gary Kreutzer

Risa Lehrer

Mary Lane Leslie

Francine Lindberg

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham

Alma Lones

Stephen Long

Pavel Lukes

Kay Mathews

Mary Jo Mauro

Susann McCarthy

John C. Miles

Steve Miller

Tim Moore

Hope Morales

Linda Moscarella

Axie Navas

Jean Nichols

G. Frank Oatman

Lisa O'Brien

Candyce O'Donnell

Jim O'Donnell

Stuart O'Donohue

Kayli Ortiz

Bob Parker

Patrick Pitre

Daniel Pritchard

Luis Reyes Jr.

Stanley Riveles

Bob Romero

Eleanor Romero

Bob Russo

Taos Mountain Bike Association

Kyle Tisdel

Tony Sandoval

William Sarokin

Suzie Schwartz

George Schurman

Suzanne Schutze

Dr. David R. Scrase

Robert J. Silver

Dion Smith

Win Smith

Jean Stevens

Cortney Stewart

Terry Surguine

Yvonne Swartz

Matthew Swaye

Andres S. Vargas

Karyn Walliker

Joe Wells

John Whitman

Eileen Wiard

Steve Wiard

Ana Willem

Val Wrangler

Jerry Yeargin

Gary Younghans

Rory M. Yurkovich

Adele Zimmerman

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