Billy Romero

Jesse Moya/Taos News

Billy Romero at a forum in 2020

I, Billy Romero, am a candidate for the Town of Taos Council. I am a lifelong resident of the Town of Taos. I come from a family that has operated successful businesses within the town for many years. As a third-generation businessman and former member of the Town of Taos Planning and Zoning Committee, I have the requisite background, skills and experience to serve the community as your town councilor.

I currently own and manage Romero Rio Grande Propane as a family business. I recognize the need for promoting and advocating for small businesses and young entrepreneurs. Economic development is essential for the town in order to generate gross receipts needed for operations. While most of my experience is in the private sector I also have some government experience. In addition to my service on the Town of Taos Planning Committee I also serve as chairman of the New Mexico State Construction Industries Commission.   

I am familiar with the major issues facing the town council, such as the need for affordable housing, infrastructure construction, diversifying our economy, The Taos Recycling Center, making improvements on the Youth & Family Center, and the lack of good paying jobs in the community. I am particularly interested in initiating a workforce analysis to determine if the town has adequate personnel to get the job done in each department, and that our staff and employees are being adequately compensated with a competitive and livable salary.

The Town of Taos must be operated and managed in a way that benefits the local residents and the taxpayers of Taos. Streets, parks, and public venues must be used and maintained for Taoseños. Our water and wastewater infrastructure must not be allowed to further deteriorate and eventually fail. We must address the issues of sustainability in water, wastewater and solid waste collection.

The Town needs to re-evaluate its current policies with respect to dealing with our neighbors that live outside of the town limits. We must be willing to work openly and proactively with the Taos Pueblo, Taos County, the water and sanitation districts, and mutual domestic water associations in order to cooperatively agree upon solutions that will mutually benefit all of us who live in the Taos Valley.

In short, I am prepared and ready to serve. I ask for your vote and support of my candidacy for the Town of Taos Council.

Billy Romero is a lifelong resident of Taos, a former member of the Taos Planning and Zoning Committee and the owner of Romero Rio Grande Propane.

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