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Genevieve Oswald chooses pristine white, while working at Clean.

This is a prideful community full of love and deep appreciation for clean air, clean water, the nature at our doorsteps and the abundant opportunities for deep connection that living here offers.

But we can no longer wait for livable wages, improvements to infrastructure, and real solutions to the housing crisis and investments in public safety.

Inspired by the amazing people in our community and the breadth of the challenges we face -- which are simultaneously too big to look at all at once and too urgent to be ignored -- I'm running for mayor of the Town of Taos.

As a lifelong resident of the historic district, a graduate of Taos High and a downtown business owner, finding actionable solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our town is both my personal and professional life's work.

As a woman and businessperson I will bring mission, vision, structure, communication, coalition building and respect to the position.

I will always live in Taos -- but it's time for local government to provide consistent code enforcement, navigate the legalization of marijuana, provide collaboration with county administration and offer viable long-term vision and solutions for sustaining economic growth.

To accomplish this kind of progress, we'll need a coalition of voices and representation, a culture of respectful discourse, momentum and leadership that can facilitate and persist.

We can be optimistic. We do great things here in Taos, and our shared ground is vast.

Together we will (and must) plan for a future that both preserves our rich cultural history and is truly livable, safe and sustainable for our own children, friends, neighbors and families.

I love Taos and we deserve a future that rises to our community's full potential.

For more information about the campaign for a livable Taos, visit

Genevieve Oswald is a local business owner and a lifelong resident of Taos.

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