Opinion:  Norteños for Norteños - select Sanchez for Congress

Primary 2020

I have been following our candidates in the recent days and would like to promote one candidate, Joseph Sanchez. Sanchez has been fighting, fixing, promoting, supporting and working for New Mexicans all of his adult life. I have seen Joseph at the annual acequia meetings here in Taos for many years supporting our farmers, ranchers and ditch associates. I have seen his family participate at the Mother's Day celebrations, fiestas, parades, and other events often and not just now that he is running for office. I feel Sanchez is the right person for U.S. Congress because he will continue to work for NM. He might not have worked with any president, the CIA, or have a law degree but he is a licensed engineer and has worked in many large New Mexico corporations such as LANL and at the Legislature. He has shopped in our stores, eats in our restaurants and has made a lot of friends in this area-again before he chose to run for office.

The last two years at the legislature, Sanchez has fought to keep our wood permits, brought a homeless shelter to Española, supports infrastructure for New Mexico, has brought up the lack of water for the Navajo Nation for the past year-not just now that he is a candidate. As an engineer, he can establish that part of New Mexico with electricity and running water and change New Mexicans for the better. What I see in Joseph is honesty. He has the same personality all the time not just when he is a politician. He is humble and wherever he goes, he carries that Northern NM accent and I can’t wait to hear it in Washington when he gets there and talks about us, about New Mexico! Just like he fights for us now, he will continue to fight for us in Congress.

As an engineer, he makes businesses succeed such as the biggest electric corporation in Jemez where Joseph worked and took the company out of debt. Sanchez fixes, builds, and improves our communities now that we are in need with supplying food for the needy, teaching tools for the parents such as games, puzzles and books for children who are at home.

There are many positive experiences that Sanchez has been a part of in NM. Too many to name. You will have to look up his webpage or his facebook to see all the many issues that I am talking about. He is very reachable and always returns messages. Once, I was struggling with an assignment and I called several friends for help and Joseph was the only one who returned my call with the right answer! It made me realize that even the little things matter to him.

I feel it is time that Northern NM be recognized and supported. Taos has good soil, people and this saying, “Que sirva de algo” that another candidate is saying was something my mom would say when one of us was being lazy to get up and be good for something! We need to rely on each other, help our neighbors and family and voting Sanchez into office to bring Northern NM to the high standard that we are. Norteno’s for Norteno’s! “Mira lo que has hecho! (see what he has done!)

As we near the end of the primary election, the issue of “dark money” has come up. Since October when Sanchez was the first to announce that he would be running for Congress, he chose to take support only from New Mexico and continued with the smallest amount of support, unable to afford much advertising, still relied on us to help him get this far. Now I ask you to help him get to the finish line as a true Northern New Mexico winner! All he needs now is your vote.

Annette Arellano is a Taos Educator, Community Volunteer and Committee Member on several support groups in Taos.

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