Taos Air jet parked at Taos Regional Airport.

A Taos Air jet parked at the Taos Regional Airport in a previous season.

Los Zopilotes circling overhead the airport, eyeing and drooling over the annexation with greasy intent, should be reminded that the world doesn't care about them or Taos. Despite delusions to the contrary, if their dystopian vision of commercial airliners, industrial wastelands and substandard housing projects, along with the attendant detritus of traffic, noise, lights and urban banality come to pass, the world will care even less, because its got enough; with or without a snowless ski valley. Mr. Bacon and his handlers will simply rocket off to another virgin environment to debauch. As long as they still exist, that is, and leave us here holding the bag.

Like tired old dying Masters of Ceremony of a three three ring circus, the Town Fathers (since there are not any Town Mothers) trot out the same old tired triple tropes of cancerous growth (economic, industrial and Hollywood Make Believe) as the panacea to all the ills ironically caused by the very same lack of political intelligence that has condemned once thriving communities like Taos to obliteration across the nation.

Soulless, tourist ghost towns predominate across the country, as urban zombies seek refuge in these outposts of alleged authenticity, only to find the same overseas trinkets, low-paid underclass subservient workers they left behind and empty shadow plays of extinct make-believe pretend civilizations.

The natural uniqueness of Taos is its virtue. It's inaccessibility is its strength. The present proposals, as unreported and undeveloped, ignore and destroy both; for a profitable purpose, to be sure. Vague, indiscriminate and unverifiable promises and threats of economic oblivion obscure and distract from the greed and avarice driving the policies designed to profit and engorge the few, at the expense of the majority. That is - you, me, the beauty and the solitude.

Until and unless we as a community can come together to oppose these demons of commercial and environmental exploitation and demand the same economical grants, subsidies and corporate welfare and political power as our Amigos de Zopilotes, the natural beauty, agricultural community and, indeed, soul of Taos is doomed.

Vince Bowers is a Taos resident.

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