Who is Stan Ubeki who wrote the June 6 letter to the editor "Green chile, coffee, sunshine and the 5G apocalypse"?

I cannot find any such person. There are several references online pointing this to be some Republican hack who is spreading propaganda in favor of 5G. All studies that have been done on 3G, 4G, etc., were done on adult male military personnel who have much thicker skulls than children or even females. I cannot believe that three columns of a page were given to promoting such nonsense. I do not believe this Stan Ubeki exists, is an actual person and [I believe] The Taos News is facilitating the promotion of this kind of misinformation.

The average person has not read these studies. If they had they would not be holding wireless smartphones to their head. They know nothing about the actual research and who it was performed on and most of it has not been recent. I cannot respond to Stan Ubeki personally because he does not exist. A good friend of mine just died from a malignant brain tumor. She lived in Albuquerque and exclusively used her smartphone. How would you like to live next to the 5G relay towers that need to be spread all over a town, or be the parent of a child with brain cancer? This is just one more large experiment like artificial sweeteners, etc. Powerful lobbyist spreading lies with little or no proof as to their safety. I am mad as hell!

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