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Nathan Burton/Taos News

A KCEC crew cuts tree limbs that are touching lines due to the weight of snow during a winter storm on Oct. 12, 2021.

I would like to share an experience that happened to me on Aug. 13.  I have been dealing with health issues for some time now.  I had a kidney transplant in 2008. On Aug. 13, I got  really sick. Our phone lines were down for several days.  It was the second time this summer that we have been without phone or internet. Without internet, our cell phones don’t work, and so we were not able to call an ambulance.  My husband had to rush me to the hospital.

On our way, across from Toribios, my husband spotted Sheriff Elias Montoya.  He was kind enough to escort us to the hospital.  I may not have made it without his generous help because of all the construction in town.  The ambulance driver that was supposed to meet me was barely leaving when we arrived at the hospital.  I would like to share this story because I am concerned about having working phone lines in our community, especially for people who are disabled or dealing with a health crisis.  I don’t want this to happen to anyone else and I want our communities to know that something needs to be done about this situation in case of an emergency.

I am grateful for Elias Montoya. I would also like to thank my surgeon, Dr. William Dougherty, for an excellent job on figuring out what was going on with me for the past 10 years.  I appreciate all the staff at Holy Cross Hospital for their kindness and generosity in looking after me.  A special thank you to Tanya, the nurse that helped groom me when I couldn’t do it for myself.  I was sent on Flight for Life to Santa Fe, where I was made to feel very comfortable.  The nurses and doctors at Christus St. Vincent Hospital took very good care of me in my time of need.

Catherine Muñiz lives in Valdez.

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