Just about every night before I go to bed, I step outside and take in the magnificence of the sky. Looking straight above is the Milky Way, with its fairy dust of diamonds. In the Southwest just now is Venus in all her glory with a fingernail moon nearby. The air is incredibly clear and crisp, and fills the lungs with bracing cold.

But there’s something else, as if all this glory weren’t enough, and that’s the late-evening quietude.

To me it’s palpable, and I try to absorb as much as I can. I am deeply grateful for these gifts, and realize how lucky we are to live in such a mountain-high village.

I just wish all of us could appreciate what we have here in these simple things. But when I look at the night sky, I see an ugly glow over the town that obscures much of the beauty. And when I go into town, it’s hard to believe the roar of bikes and cars whose mufflers have been removed, and in some cases, enhanced. The Town has laws against light and noise pollution, but sadly they are ignored and go unenforced.

The natural beauty in which we are immersed is magnificent. We should do what we can to respect that.

Robert Fitch lives in El Prado.

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John Lapin

It would be helpful if Law Enforcement, what little of it we have, would enforce the laws concerning modified exhausts. The number of cars and motorcycles running "straight pipes" increases annually, it seems.

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