Devisadero Loop Trail

Along Devisadero Loop Trail

Photo by Paul Gutches / Taos News

For all the dog owners who think it's okay to leave their dog poop on the side of the hiking trails and paths, it's NOT. We don't want to look at dog poop every three steps.

And if you're too lazy to get a bag and pick it up (and not leave the bag on the trail to rot in plastic) and either put it in the receptacle that's actually provided at the rift trail or put it in your car and take it home, then maybe you should not have a dog because you're too lazy and irresponsible.

And for all those responsible, considerate dog owners that do pick it up, we understand sometimes your dog poops more than once and it's unexpected or maybe you forgot your bag one time, just take a stick and flip it off the trail far enough so we don't have to look at it or step in it.

I love animals, but this is ridiculous and disgusting. Maybe the Taos News will print this in their opinion section so more dog owners can see it and become aware and become educated, responsible pet owners.

Just please, pick up the poop!

Janice Gildea, Taos

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