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Over the last couple of years, there has been a significant increase of dogs at the Farmer's Market. In my opinion, the situation is totally out of hand. It could possibly get worse, as a result of a plethora of real estate sales.

Personally, I have witnessed the following on numerous occasions: dog fights, owners yelling at their dogs, defecation and urination at vendor's booths, and small children and elderly people being jostled around. Many vendors, to whom I have spoken to, are beside themselves with frustration, because they witness these events all day long.

In my travels, I have visited many Farmer's Markets, and, much to my appreciation, they have signs, either in the form of a Town Ordinance or City Ordinance, clearly stating, "NO DOGS ALLOWED." Do they know something that our town ignores? YES!

Will it take a serious accident, or possibly a lawsuit against the town, before constructive action is taken? It seems inevitable problems are just around the corner. Please, for the sake of the community and our vendors, leave your dogs at home. There is a time and place for our beloved furry friends.

Merle Derse


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